Cat theme, in clothes and jewelry

Being a big lover of cats (actually I have five cats living in my house at the moment) I couldn't resist to buy this cat print camisole. That there are cats all over it you can see just from a close distance, otherwise it just looks mottled.

I also have a few other things of cat theme: jewelry

Swarovski cat brooch
Cat brooch, Swarovsky

Silver cat brooch with sardonyx stone
Another cat brooch. Silver, sardonyx. Hand-made in Nepal

Gold cat pendant with emerald eyes and zircon tail
Cat pendant. Gold, emeralds, zircon. Made in Belarus

accessories: two cat purses 


and an umbrella

And here are a few designers' things of cat theme

Black cats clutch, Alexander Henry 

Jess and Jane T-Shirt

Markus Lupfer sweater

Annie Phillips silk jacket

Cat print dress, Apple Tree Boutique London

Cat print dress, Victoria Beckham

Cat print dress, Red Herring

Black cat print tights, Yes Style