So much purple in my wardrobe

Purple is not one of my favourite colours, I think because it is cold and I prefer warm shades. Anyway, I do have a few things in this colour and surprisingly I do love them. Besides, since ancient times purple has been associated with royalty and nobility, so why not to wear it and to feel yourself of high rank for a while.

It is advised to wear purple when one wants to encourage fantasy, mystery and imagination.

I also have a few jewelry pieces in purple - a bracelet, earrings, but my favourite one is this ring with amethyst.

It is of very simple design and its beauty is in the stone itself, which is of very deep colour of purple. Amethyst is known by a variety of names, including the Bishop's Stone, the Beneficent Stone, the Elevator, the Stone of healing, the Stone of Peace and the stone of Love (it is said that St.Valentine wore it constantly). It is believed that amethyst can prevent loss of energy, protect against weakness in the immune system, guard against neuralgia, blood clots and cancers, defend against stress and violence, calm fears, cure hysteria and, when taken to bed, defeat insomnia. So, seems that this stone is not only beautiful but very useful as well.

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  1. Purple definitely suits you :):):).....I love purple colour and I do not think it is a cold colour....purple is derived from blue and red, ,mixture of warm and cold ;)....

  2. purple looks lovely on you! very nice ring

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  3. Purple is a dark colour, but I don't find it cold because of its little bit of red.
    I was thinking that it's not a colour that I wear often too, but looking at your photos I'm starting to like it, the first dress look amazing!I love your shoes too!

  4. Purple looks very good on you!
    I love the dress in the first photo.
    You look great in it. :)

  5. purple love;)
    oh i adore your heels!