Knitted black skirt

I bought this skirt some time ago and didn't wear because I couldn't find anything that would match with it. Somehow it made me look fatter and I didn't like it. Finally, I tried it with this sweater and it looked not so bad. The dark colours of the outfit I freshened up with bright orange kerchief around my neck.

"Love the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the rivers, the mountains, the people, the animals - simply be a love and let the whole be your beloved".   Osho

Sweater  -  Bossini
Skirt    -  Zara
Boots   -  Bentley
Silk kerchief   -  Italian, bought in Moscow
Brooch   -  Swarovski
Bag   -  Fiorelli


  1. I doesn't make you look fat! It looks very good with your sweater. Love your kitty-kat. :)

  2. hehhehe, love the cat in the first photo....the orange scarf and the green sweater really looks lovely with your hair colour. The skir tis nice, good thing now you can FINALLY wear it ;). Kstati, kogda volosi nakrucheni, pohozhe kak u menay viglyadeli kogda ya letom v Nepale bila i ti mne krutila volosi :)

    1. Уху...теперь я понимаю почему тебе не нравилось :) Торчат во все стороны