Outfit post: red colour of poinsettia

This jacket has been a target for some of my friends' jokes, they say I look like Santa Clause in it, only beard is missing. Whatever, I like it anyway. And mainly for its bright red colour, it cheers me up. Besides the jacket is quite warm.

This shade of red associates for me not with Santa Clause but with poinsettia. Not many plants or trees are blooming nowadays here but poinsettia is. Its bright red flowers can been seen here and there around Kathmandu. In Nepal poinsettia can grow up to 6 m high. Its Nepali name is Lalu pati, pati means leaf and Lalu is a poetic Nepali word for red. This name stands despite the fact that many of the poinsettias in this country are white. I have a few poinsettias in my yard and inside the house as well.


  1. I love red colors too! You look so pretty there (: You live in Nepal as well? I'd love to see you some day! Thanks for stopping by and following! Following you now (: xx


  2. Great color ! That coat is so sweet, and really lovely photos .. Beautiful flowers.

    Thanks for the comment. x

    Indie by heart

  3. oh red looks so good on you darling!
    really love that coat!

  4. Your fren must be Badmash to say u Santa clause!!!