The power of red

Yet again I am in bright red. If you ask me about my favourite colour the answer would be "sky-blue". But in the process of inspecting my wardrobe what did I see? There are many things in red, black and white; a few in green and purple. But I found only one dress in sky-blue. I wonder why so?
Back to the colour red. I have no idea why I am attracted to it so much recently. Psychologists say that people who wear red are energetic, optimistic individuals who love attention and being in the spotlight. They wish to be seen as having fire and passion, ferocity and strength. Wearing red can also denote a strong sexuality. Wow...

There are so many words describing various shades of the color red: blood red, blush, brick, burgundy, carmine, China red, cinnabar, crimson, fire engine red, flame , Indian red, madder, maroon, rose, rouge, ruby, russet, rust, scarlet, tomato, Venetian red, vermilion. Honestly, half of them I would not be able to identify precisely. As specialists say not all shades suit everybody. A person who has dark hair will look exceptional wearing pure or bluish red. Ash blonds and brunettes will also look very good in these hues, but need them to be slightly softened, otherwise they will be too overpowering. Redheads and those with reddish highlights in their hair, or blonds who have golden highlights and probably freckles, will look far better wearing orange red.

This beads bangle I bought in India

They also say that the red colour stimulates appetite and increases craving for food. So no wonder then that after walking around in this red sweater for a while I felt strong wish to visit my favourite Italian cafe and to have one of their amazing desserts. This time it was Mango cheese cake...

Posting this on Patti's Visible Monday  because red colour indeed makes you visible, it will never let you sink into background.


  1. Great sweater! You loo wonderful in red, and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. u've got a gr8 style... i love u're blog... want to follow eachother??? if so folow me and let me know.. i'll follow back for sure.. :)

  3. Love your collar and bright red sweater! So pretty! Visiting from Not Dead Yet Style link-up! I host a Sunday Style link-up too if you'd like to join me!

    With Love,

  4. Red is my favorite color and it looks great on you!

  5. Red is perfect for winter ... especially with the very lady-like collar. I've been wanting to buy more blue, but here it hasn't been available often. Navy seems to be returning to favor, but it takes a couple of seasons for us to catch up here. Perhaps you'll see more in the spring 2013 offerings!

  6. thnx for following honey.. followed u back.. :)

  7. oh you can never fail in red! i love it too;) and the collar is the icing of the cake! too cute!