Wearing dress over pants

Spring has come to Kathmandu. Days are getting warmer and warmer, the sky is blue and the sun shining brightly. The peach tree in my yard has started to bloom and looks nicely-pink all over. The snapdragon adds more colours to the palette of my yard: its red, yellow, white and purple flowers are a real pleasure to the eyes. I am in a rather springy mood thanks to all these and decided to wear something springy especially as the weather allows to do this. So, I am all flowers and butterflies, plus a pink cardigan matching in colour with my blooming peach tree.

This cardigan was given to me by my husband-to-be when I was 19 years old. The surprising thing is that with all our moving around, when many things simply got lost or had to be left somewhere, this cardigan came to be with me in Nepal. I have not worn it for ages and it was just leading a peaceful forgotten life in the farthest corner of my closet. I remembered about it and its springy colour today and it happened to suit the outfit perfectly. Lucky cardigan, got its second chance.

Cats too seem to be in a spring mood. Two neighbours' male cats have started to visit my yard regularly, in hope to get to know better one of my four female cats.
 I call this cat "the wary one". Look at his eyes, isn't there some suspicion and alertness in them?

And the second one is "the curious one". He always has an expression of slight amazement and curiosity on his "face".

Outfit details: dress  -  Wallis
white cherry crop  -  Oasis
cardigan  -  gifted by MH
the belt and the bag  -  bought in Kathmandu, at Bentley
sandals  -  bought in Moscow
necklace  -  glass beads, hand-made in Nepal

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  1. Beautiful combination! I like so much flower print and light pink!

  2. Olga, thanks for bringing a little bit of spring onto my screen :)
    Your outfit is gorgeous, the print is lovely and the sweet cardigan compliments the dress perfectly.
    For some odd reason the two cats made me think of 'Oliver Twist'..."the curious one" looks quite vulnerable and sad a bit like Oliver Twist and "the wary one" looks confident and canny a bit like The Artful Dodger...very cute cats though.
    Hope you've had a lovely weekend...xXx

    1. It's interesting that for you the cats looked just the opposite what they seem to me. I suppose it is the effect of me with the camera that changed the usual look of the cats :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog sweety! Absolutely love your post and ofcourse I'm in love with your tops (: It's so nice that finally spring is near and your dress gives that feelings too!

    Kisses ♥

  4. Thanks for ur lovely comment on my blog.
    Love ur outfit! Ur dress looks almost like wat I wud envision Mother Nature to wear.loll
    Love ur dress!


  5. Thanks for your comment! I follow you =D
    Love the cat, so cuteee


  6. What a pretty outfit of soft spring colors - you look wonderful! Thanks for linking up.

  7. Your outfit is a wonderful start into spring. The butterfly dress is amazing and the soft pink jacket a perfect addition. How nice for the cats to play in your beautful garden. I envy them!

  8. Hi, Olga. You have the most beautiful clothes. Today's outfit is so soft and feminine. Absolutely what I love.