Going ethnic at another party

There was one more party yesterday. It was an outdoor party so once again I could wear my newly bought coat, this time with something ethnic. So I wore a long Indian style skirt called lehenga decorated with metal thread embroidery and some beads. Lehenga is usually worn wiht a short tight-fitting blouse but this time I combined it with a black tunic called kurti. Jewelry is also in Indian style - a set of a necklace and earrings in peacock theme.

What always surprises me is that many local women come to such outdoor parties not wearing any coats, jackets or even shawls. Just like that - bare-bellied and bare-backed. Seriously, it was just 12 C yesterday. To keep themselves warm those women danced very energetically.

At any party here rice or biryani (pilaf) is served as a main dish. Being not a big fan of rice I always prefer to take roti instead - it is a flat Indian bread. My favourite type is nan roti, this bread is baked on the spot in special ovens called tandoor. It is amazingly tasty: hot, fresh, soft and aromatic...


  1. i love this ethnic style on you, very beautiful and vibrant. Great coat too. Hope you had fun. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  2. Lovely pictures, love your fur coat, xoxo.

  3. Your description of the nan roti is making my mouth water, yum!
    I am quite lucky cause we've got an amazing Indian take-away with a tandoor just a couple of minutes from our house, they make delicious pakora, which is my favourite.
    Wow, all these fabulous parties, you lucky woman!
    I think that I'd brave the nippy temperatures too if I was wearing such spectacular clothing, it would be a shame to cover it up and I think the women have got the right idea, keeping warm by means of dancing and having a ball is a great way of doing things :)
    You look wonderful the skirt is stunning and I love the necklace...xXx

    1. It is like this here - a couple of months no party at all and then the season starts and you can have several parties during one week. I too don't like to cover my outfit with something but it is too much for me to bare cold :) That's why I prefer indoor parties

  4. so pretty! Your gorgeous red lips are really striking with the gold skirt.