"Zebra skirt" and white parrots

My "very much in trend right now" skirt that I call "zebra skirt". I have had it for some years now and have always liked its pattern. Recently I've found this cute "zebra bag" and  these black-and-white sandals to compliment the skirt. I kept this outlook completely monochrome, even my jewelry is in black-and-white.

White metal necklace is in ethnic Indian style; rutilated quartz silver bangle and black glass ring.

Could not resist to add this cute trinket, a gift from my daughters

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Nepal is a paradise for those who love bird watching. Even living in the capital (though outside the Ring Road), so many times I got the opportunity to see different birds right in my yard or through the window of my kitchen. One morning I even saw the most exotic guys - large white parrots, simply sitting on the branch of the tree enjoying themselves. And it is such a pleasure to wake up every morning to the birds' singing.


  1. You integrated two trends in your outfit, not only the animal print trend but also the black-and-white. You look beautifil in your summerly dress. I have to say it once more your garden is amazing.
    I love watching birds, so now I go out to look what the ants and the swans do.

  2. oh how adorable is this zebra skirt and the little zebra on your bag, i really love animal prints every time, and wow darling you really have an amazing figure!

  3. What a wonderful outfit - the skirt is amazing, and all the little details are just perfect! The long lines really show off your trim and elegant figure, and that little horse trinket is so cute! I didn't know you live in Nepal. Thanks for posting the extra pictures of the birds. It's always so interesting to find out about different parts of the world.

  4. I so love the skirt! the total look is just elegant. perfect mix of simple black and white.
    you're so lucky to view these birds, look like some are exotic and rare. really beautiful. i love hearing birds chirping from my window when i wake up to. only that its the normal maya city birds i see :)


  5. Wonderful skirt! And I love the zebra accessories. And the bird pictures, I adore wild birds. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday.

  6. Oh, you look fabulous! I'm a huge fan of black & white! It helps that you have a slim figure to pull this off so elegantly!
    Positively chic!

  7. Fabulous outfit!


  8. Olga, the outfit is lovely! Everything matches -- you have a great taste!
    You live in such a beautiful place. Here in California we also have some exotic birds. We have parrots too; ours are green :) Have a wonderful week.

  9. Beautiful! Perfect for spring! btw my ring is the arty ring by YSL =D


  10. I want that skirt!!! So cute and such a great look all the way around. Would love for you to link up with Fashion Informant!

  11. Love the look! I should totally try out the zebra print, and the keychain is sooooo cute! :)


  12. What a great outfit, you look beautiful and stylish and I love the zebra print! Used to have some zebra print trousers in the 90s which I gave to charity, kicking myself now I can see you rock the look so well!

  13. Yowza, what an amazing monochrome ensemble, the print on your skirt is mesmerizing & you look wonderful!
    I'm just a little bit jealous of the feathered visitors that you can see though your kitchen window ;)
    I love birds so much and it gives me endless joy just to sit and watch them go about their daily lives...xXx