Mixing patterns: floral and stripes

I like floral prints and I like stripes. So I thought why not to combine them together, especially if they are in my favourite red colour. Both garments are of cotton, so the outfit is very comfy, soft to the skin and cooling.

It is getting hotter and hotter here. On this coming weekend we were planning to go to the jungle resort in Chitwan. The place is not in the hills but in the plain region. We were told that it is 41C (105.8F) there. Geez!...This is kind of too much for my bearing. So, we're staying here in Kathmandu as it is cooler here.

To the red and white palette of the outfit I added a dash of blue in the form of a bracelet, a ring and earrings.


This year we seem to have our own grapes finally! We've had the vine for 4-5 years and this is the first time it is going to fruit. Not much, just a few bunches I've noticed so far but I am really happy 

And my peaches will be ready to eat in a month's time

Have a nice weekend! Linking up with Elena's Monday Bloom


  1. Great combination of prints, your outfit looks really fresh & funky.
    Oh, how I wish I had a fabulous garden like yours; homegrown grapes and peaches, yum!
    I was so bowled over by how different fruits tasted and their texture too when we went to Thailand the first time. Up until then I didn't like mango because it was always either woody or slimy and often rather tasteless when I had tried it in Sweden or the UK. In Thailand where fruits are picked straight off the trees or bushes to be consumed, flavors are intense and sweet and their textures are perfect. I suppose it's because the exotic fruit we get here has often been picked before it is properly ripened and then transported for days in chill containers before hitting the supermarket shelves.
    I'm in love with your gorgeous cat, he looks so happy in the pic :)
    Have a wonderful weekend and keep cool in the heat...xXx

    1. Oh, fruits in Thailand are really something special. Figs and pineapples that I ate there are the best I've ever tried.

  2. Such a bright summery outfit. You look great! Love your bracelet (my favorite turquoise!)
    Your garden is beautiful! One day I also would love to have a garden! I'm thinking of planting a lemon, tangerine, maybe pomegranate tree:) Have a wonderful weekend as well.

  3. Votre tenue printannière est magnifique!

  4. Hello Olga,
    You did a good job! Your red pattern mix is marvellous. I love strippes in every color and to pair it with florals is works perfectly.
    You are a lucky girl have so a wonderful garden with your own fruits.
    Your cat is a sweety!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Fabulous outfit, color, and pattern mixing. Gives me a retro vibe.

  6. Wow 41C is really hot!!! I would definitely stay in a shade:)) The look is so pretty-love this bright combo, thank you for sharing this look via Link Up party!!!