Twin tunics

These two tunics are like twin sisters: they are very similar but different at the same time. They are made of the same type of fabric and they have the same simple design. The only thing that differs them is the print. I had one of those silly (and luckily rare) moments when I couldn't decide which tunic's print I liked better, so I bought them both.

 I wear them with skinnies of different colour and with different shoes and accessories. I like them both. What would be your choice, which of these tunics do you like more? Does it happen to you that you can't decide between two garments and as a result you buy both?

The peaches in my yard have ripen and I could enjoy this year's first harvest. These are white peaches, they are extremely juicy and sweet.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. I love both! i do that too, more often than not, buy all the prints or colors if i cant decide. great pick!


  2. You look lovely! While both tunics certainley are beautiful, I simply adore the turqouise :)

  3. These are both gorgeous but I have to say I am really partial to turquoise with the white. Such gorgeous colours.

    I'm usually like you...I will simply buy both. Not good for my closet, but it is less stress for me thinking I made the wrong choice.


  4. Beautiful patterns and colors. Love them both! Have a wonderful weekend too.

  5. luved both ur outfits and yes it happens to me too......quiet often and i end of buying both
    p.x new post on my blog

  6. oh i can see how hard the decision was;) glad you took both because they look both great, i love that you always go for colors, that suits you so well and life is grey enough ;)
    lots of love and kisses,mary