Openwork tunic

This openwork tunic from Solitaire was bought on sale. I like it that the colour changes from pale to deep blue. It can be worn at warm or cooler weather as in this outfit: a long-sleeved top with a red tank-top over it plus red skinnies.

And here it is how I wore same tunic when it was warm enough - in combination with a black tank-top and black skinnies.

When I am back in Nepal I can wear this tunic with my white skinnies as well. And when (or if) I go to the sea it will be possible to wear it even on its own during evening walks along the beach.
Sharing this outfit with ladies at the Patti's Visible Monday link-up party


I read that the town whith the biggest amount of stray cats is Rome. Then maybe my hometown is on the second place because there are so many cats living on their own here. Just a few of them I shot with my camera.

Some people feed them regularly (including my mom) but still it is very hard for these cats to survive local snowy and frosty winters.


  1. I like the ombre effect of your tunic. The stray cats are adorable, its a pity for them during Winter/cold weather, xoxo.

  2. A great sale finding, Olga! It's so perfect to style and you look lovely in it.
    The cats look healthy and fit the sweet little things.

  3. The tunic suits you really well. I love the 2 ways you wear it. :):):) The shots of the cats are great. Some on them look like proper portraits and as if cats are posing ;)

  4. What a versatile and pretty tunic, looks great! As for the kitties, I want to take them all home with me poor darlings!

  5. Love your lace shirt!!!
    Kisses honey

  6. Love the ombre tunic! The color combination in your outfit is so classy and chic! You look stunning darling!
    Ask Erena

  7. You are so inventive in combining your tunic with different colors. The red and white is really unexpected but very effective. With the black it looks very stylish and sharp. And I can imagine that it is lovely with white, too.

  8. Oh, all the sweet-faced cats! I wish I could find a home for each of them! You look lovely in your crocheted tunic - what a pretty shape and color, and so versatile too. Thanks for sharing with VisibleMonday!

  9. Great look, dear!


  10. I prefer the 2 look, i think it works better =) And i love the shades of the tunic!
    THOSE CATS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! I would like to bring them home with me =)
    A big kiss


  11. I love your crochet tunic, it's so pretty on you. Those cats are gorgeous, I'd steal them all! x

  12. The tunic is gorgeous. I live the color. I want something similar in style for myself. Maybe I ask my mom to make one for me (she does crochet). Adorable cats. I hope they find a warmer place to hide in winter.

  13. So sweet and feminine, and edgy and modern all at once. Can't say which look I like best ... sort of leaning toward the black, but probably just 'cause it's hot here! I'll bet you wear this a lot, in a lot of different ways!
    Poor babies ... hurts my heart to think of them doing without shelter in winter. It's the same here in rural US. We have rescued house kitties, but there are some that live in our garage ... coming and going as they please. We feed them, of course, and our barn cats (completely wild) do okay during our generally mild winters. So glad your mom helps feed them.

  14. Pretty options how to wear this lace tunic.
    I am allways shocked seeing homeless animals. We had an adopted dog for 16 years whom found on the street in his 6th months. I think he had a good and lucky life... whish the same for (at least some of) the cats in your home town!

  15. Great tunic! The first outfit is just WOW, WOW! :)

    AMAZING portraits of cats! They look pretty well fed. There are tons of homeless cats in Krasnoyarsk too. I had a friend whose Mom used to go after her office work day, every single day!, and feed all the stray cats in the neighborhood. Like your Mom and other such sweet ladies in your hometown too. :) Winters are harsh... Winters in Siberia? The worst! and endless...