Autumn in London

London's weather doesn't pamper with that many sunny days. Mostly it is gloomy and rainy outside. But when it IS sunny than it is sooo beautiful around and it is such a pleasure to have a walk in the park and enjoy all those autumn colours. If I go for holiday to Belarus it is always during summer time, if I travel around it is mostly Asian countries. So I really have been missing a genuine European autumn and now I enjoy and appreciate every minute of my stay here.

Again I am wearing my black car coat but this time it is a maxi skirt I combined it with. Plus a coarse knit scarf that gives nice protection to my cold-sensitive neck, a hat with a band in colour not matching anything in the outfit (who cares) and open-fingers gloves.

After a bit chilling walk in the park it is such a pleasure to have a warming cup of hot chocolate and a piece of cake

Have a nice day!


  1. You look lovely, the hat is so stylish! I've been to London in summer and winter, love it anytime! Here in Sicily it's still sunny and hot. I'm following you.


  2. Fabulous pics! I am adoring your super-cute look! Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  3. you look so adorable as always and perfectly match with the season. I love the things that you captured. Just so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing my friend :)

  4. It's been a beautiful day today and you looked fabulous. That hat really suits you and the skirt is really pretty! x

  5. Lovely outfit Olga. Those photos are amazing. Love your hat.

  6. What beautiful photos, the colours are stunning, especially the shots around the lake.
    And you look pretty stunning too! What a gorgeous skirt, and the hat is fabulous. xxx

  7. Te ves increible, me encanta tu look!!! Y unas fotos fuera de serie, unas tomas muy lindas!

  8. Beautiful colors! I miss Autumn colors too :)
    You look gorgeous! Love the maxi and your ivory knit scarf!

  9. Dear Olga,
    your pics show the best sides of fall. I love the trees getting their colorful leaves and the fresh clear air.
    Your outfit is marvellous and perfect for a walk, the hat is very elegant and the floral skirt gives it your special Olga style, which I like so much.
    Enjoy your weekend my dear!
    Sabine xxx

  10. So glad you found someone to care for the kitten until your return.
    As Vix said in the last post, it is strange to see you bundled up, but you're look as stylish as ever. That hat and coat are perfect staples of an autumn wardrobe and you're lucky you can borrow from your daughters. I love the photo of you in the cafe, so 1970s!
    How long are you in London? I arrive on Nov. 22 and it would be fun to meet up if you're still there (though I'm guessing that you will have returned by then).
    It's always a challenge for me to pack for a lengthy stay in London (my boyfriend lives there and I visit for 2 months twice a year). Those of us who love clothes and accessories don't like dressing out of one suitcase for 2 months!