Dolls and toys at Harrods

My previous post was about Harrods' Christmas windows. I don't go to Harrods for shopping, but whenever I am in London and happen to be in the area I drop in for their cakes and bakery. I find them delicious. This time I was also curious about their Christmas section, thought I would find something interesting and affordable there. I did find many interesting Christmas decorations but they were too pricey for me. Anyway, I enjoyed just looking around. Most of all I was impressed by the Christmas toys and dolls: Santa Clauses, Fairies, Nutcrackers.

Have to confess that somewhere deep at heart I am still a kid. I love visiting toy sections and I really get excited at seeing an interesting toy or a beautiful doll. As Harrods "Toy World" happened to be situated at the same floor as their Christmas section I could not resist to spend half an hour exploring their choice of toys. First of all my attention was caught by the amazingly beautiful dolls displayed in the glass cabinets.

In the soft toys section there were also some lovely exemplars that I liked very much. 

How about you? Do you visit toy sections just for fun, without any intention to buy anything but purely to look around? 
Have a nice day!


  1. I never have seen such well-dressed Santa Clauses before!
    I can see in your eyes how much fun you had in the toy section. The ice bear and also the plushy otter are awesome. I only played with dolls when my girl friends are asking me to play with them. I prefer playing with Lego bricks or reading. But as soon as I learnt sewing and knitting I made dresses for my dolls.
    Have a great weekend, dear!

  2. Some of those dolls are so pretty and those stuffed animals are huge! I've never been to Harrods but I bet it's like a dream come true for children. xxx

  3. Lovely photos Olga, thx for sharing. It's like being kid again seeing all those toys and dolls and stuffed animals.

  4. Oh, dear. This sounds so fun ... Walking between these toys and return to childhood for a while ... everything is so magical ...

  5. Otters! My favourites! Apart from tigers...
    The dolls are really beautiful, aren't they? I was taken to Hamley's toy shop as a kid and remember feeling rather overwhelmed by it all! And I think there's a brilliant toy museum in London - the Museum of Childhood, an extension of the V&A at Bethnal Green. You would enjoy it there. xxx

  6. beautiful toys, dolls and x-mas decorations. My favorite is nutcrackers! So colorful! Thinking of buying a couple of them for myself to put under the x-mas tree. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. These dolls are beautiful! I've never been to London, hope to some day. Toys, dolls and Christmas ornaments are something I love looking at. Department stores here in the US do a similar type of display and sales. We collect glass Christmas tree ornaments for around 25 years. We don't spend a lot on gifts but our tree is filled with amazing animals made by Italian glassblowers. Honestly the tree is my favorite part of Christmas. Fun post, you and I seem to have much in common...lovers of animals and all kinds of toys!

    blue hue wonderland

  8. I much prefer stuffed animals to dolls and those plush creatures are adorable. I used to always go to Harrod's just to view the Food Hall and its displays.
    I agree with Curtise; a trip to the Museum of Childhood is recommended if you haven't been there.
    I'm in London at the moment, so send me an email if you'd like to meet up for tea.

  9. OMG!! Harrods is in my opinion the best shopping paradise of London!!!


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  11. hey OLga
    yup my dad lives in London and i have heard how its the best at harrods specially around Christmas time!!! loved ur post.

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