Knitted black dress

Here in Nepal it is still quite warm, especially during daytime, no need for a coat or a jacket yet. I am happy to be back to sunny weather, during this season there are no rains at all. It can be cloudy sometimes but not for a long and then again the sky is clear-blue.

So, for my Saturday shopping I wore this knitted black dress with a purple cardigan. The blue tights have rather purplish shade so they look good with the cardi. The boots are those that served me so well in London during my long walks around, they are very comfortable.

The owl brooch was bought in London and the silver coin ring was found at the Silver Jewelry Exhibition and Sale that was held in Kathmandu just the other day.
I've been back home for almost one week and I have not decorated my Christmas tree yet. What a shame! But look what lovely pieces I brought with me from London. To find nice glass tree decorations here in Nepal is a real problem,what they sell here looks like crap to me. So, was happy to add these beauties into my possession.

About my kitten. The woman wanted to keep her after all. No wonder, after being with this cutie for 5 weeks who would want to part with her? I am happy but sad at the same time as I was kind of looking forward to add the kitten to my cat family. Never mind.

Hope you're having a nice day!
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  1. Ah what a shame you couldn't keep the kitten! But I'm glad she's found a good home. You're looking very sophisticated here, love the layering and that blue is lovely on you.

  2. I'm glad the kitten is going to be loved and cared for but sad it couldn't be you! Love the sleeves on your dress and those beautiful decorations. xxx

  3. This combination is SO BEAUTIFUL! I have fallen madly in love with it and must make myself a cardigan of that same type of cut.

    I'm so glad the kitten found a loving home. Sorry you could not keep her, though! Perhaps you can go visit?

  4. i always thought that purple looks great on a redhead;) i love the combination of black and purple! you look fabulous!
    and how amazing are this ornaments!
    love and kiss,mary

  5. You look wonderful, Olga - I love the accents of the owl and the rings. And what a gorgeous set of ornaments! I too have a hard time saying farewell to any kitty : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  6. I love the colors on you and I like the way you're able to look "seasonal" even if it is still quite warm. Cute ornaments!! XXOO

  7. u look lovely Olga!!!! lovely post

    btw do check out my new post
    stay in touch

  8. A beautifully elegant look, I like purple and black together, and the owl brooch is the perfect accessory.
    Ahh, I am happy the wee kitten has a good home, but what a shame you didn't get to keep her!
    Love your Christmas decorations, they're really unusual. xxx

  9. Beautiful dress! So flattering. Love your Christmas ornaments -- look amazing on the tree!

  10. Dear Olga,
    your Christmas tree decoration is so lovely, particularly the kitten. Also lovely is your knitted dress. I love these wide sleeves and how you styled it with purple.
    I wish I could go outside only in a knitted dress. At least a coat, a scarf and a baret is necessary.
    Have a good time back home!

  11. Awwww. I'm so sorry your baby had to stay with another. Another will cross your path that will need you more. You look lovely in your mild-winter dress ... pretty combination. Lovely decorations as well. Our childhood memories are never far away from us, no matter how old we get.
    Must be good to be back home.

  12. You look so pretty and elegant, Olga. I love your cardigan, it looks very warm and cosy :-)

  13. The dress/cardigan ensemble has a great silhouette. So glad that kitten has a good home, even if it's not yours!