Going androgynous with animal print

Have wanted to dress like this for some time but had no right hat. And finally, I found it. It is from H&M and the good thing is that it is cotton, so I'll be able to wear it in local climate without my head being steamed. The animal print top is not a blouse and not exactly a jacket, but something in between. Usually I paired it with black full length pants but today I decided to wear this grey cropped pants.

Usually I dress in a more feminine way but this time I just felt like going a bit androgynous.

One more variation of the hat-tie combo - a black blazer over a red bra. Looks sexy and would be good for clubbing in London I think. But not for going out in Nepal though. But I like it. Tunes of "You can leave your hat on" come to my mind...

Taking part in Judith's "Hat Attack" and Elena's Monday Bloom links-up
Have a nice day.


  1. What a cool outfit! You look fantastic and the hat really suits you. x

  2. You are really rocking that sexy androgynous look, Olga! Great top, and the hat is fabulous. xxx

  3. Olga you are looking stunning!!!!!! Love this outfit on you. So cool!! I think this is my favorite so far. Gorgeous!!! Everything is just perfect!
    Happy weekend

  4. You look far too feminine/sexy to be androgynous, despite the necktie!! Great fun.

  5. Such a fun outfit! Looking great as usual. Love your hat and tie.

  6. Very nice look, Olga! I used to dress up androgynous too, every once in a while, but it has been a while now. Also I don't have the clothes and accessories for it here in Singapore. I left them back in Holland.
    Not for going out in Nepal? Why?

    1. A blazer over a red bra - I could go clubbing dressed like this somewhere in London or Moscow and of course Singapore. But I'm afraid it would be just too much immodest for Nepal. At least I would not feel comfortable.

  7. Really lovely, Olga.

  8. Dear Olga also in this androgyn outfit you look very feminine. I love the waisted jacket/blouse and I love your hat.
    Sabine xxx

  9. I love this look on you. You found the perfect hat for both ensembles. But then, you can make any outfit shine.

    Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

  10. Fun outfit Olga. I like this just to change up your style. Nice with the gray pants and cool hat. You look sassy and ready for a fun evening. Your hair is looking so pretty!

    blue hue wonderland

  11. Wow, the blazer and red camisole with hat is hot! This is the other side of Olga we all had not seen before ;)

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  12. wow that tomboy look is amazing on you, absolutely gorgeous! i love the hat, the tie and the animal print shirt!

  13. Very unexpected and very fun in every respect! I think it really suits you! Go clubbing!!

  14. Hi Olga, really cool outfit, great hat.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Dusana :-)


  15. with the animal print, tie and hat makes you look more strong character, I love it matched all for you and it suits you well.
    But I most like the black blazer and of course the oxfords shoes :)
    I missed this blog though.

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