Western turns Indian

This is a simple princess line dress with godet panels. The floral print and cotton fabric make it a good choice for hot summer days. The godet panels are of same pattern as the rest of the dress but of different colour combination which creates an interesting effect.

I wear my ethnic style turquoise necklace with this dress here.

Now look at the transformation of the dress: from a simple Western style dress it turns into a beautiful Indian outfit.

This set is from Biba. It consists of a dress, a semi-transparent silk yellow tunic worn over the dress, churidar pants and dupatta shawl. As always with Biba there are many small interesting details: the golden thread embroidery, the buttons' decoration and the shawls tassels.

When it is hot this outfit is a good choice to wear for a local semi-formal events. 

Dress-kurta-churidar-dupatta set - Biba, shoes - Roberio Vianni, ethnic style necklace - bought in Nepal

Have a nice day!


  1. Both versions are stunning, Olga, the jewel colours are fantastic, and what a gorgeous print. xxx

  2. Dear Olga,
    you look beautiful in every version. The dress is amazing, the colors gorgeous. I love the little details and the shoes matching perfectly.
    Sabine xxx

  3. Absolutely beautiful outfit -- so colorful and bright. It lightens up your mood! Great choice of jewelry. Have a wonderful week!

  4. You are such a creative in fashion Olga! I love all the colors combination. They are so playfull and oh that turqoius necklace is so lovely! with the dress just perfect for summer.
    I really love the idea of how you put with India outfit :) and I love the title of this post.
    Thanks for sharing, and I hope you're doin well!

  5. Wow!!!! Such a beautiful outfit and print!!!!! Love the way you created two different looks!!! You look gorgeous in both of them!!! :)

  6. Wow, Olga. I love, love, love all the elements in this look. The dress itself, the combination with the other clothes, the jewelry. The dress has such gorgeous colors; really beautiful!

  7. Hi! Olga, first time in your blog ,found you via Lialina.That's a great example of layering and both outfits are to be noticed. I've spent a year all over India when I was younger and fell in love with the abundance of color and the beauty of the women in saris.

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