Zebra-fashionista top

Though I usually prefer bright colours and prints but sometimes I feel like wearing white. We all know that it is a perfect colour for sunny days because it reflects sunlight. One feels cooler even by just looking at someone dressed in white. Perhaps it is because white is associated with such really cold things as snow and ice-cream? Anyway, the monotony and purity of white in my today's outfit is broken by this really cute print of a very fashionable zebra in a turquoise cardigan.

(Pardon my cat cleaning herself unceremoniously on the background). 

Zebra t-shirt - Zara, white trousers - Next, shoes - local, turquoise earrings - a gift from my mom, turquoise ring - local.

Sharing with Patti's Visible Monday link-up
Have a nice day!


  1. I think this is just perfect with the touches of turquoise and celebratory licking of your cat. She/He probably feels a sense of competition or jealousy with your cute zebra top!

  2. This is such a lovely outfit Olga! The zebra print is awesome and the flared pants are great. I still admire your new hair cute, it suits you well.
    Sabine xxx

  3. Such a playful t-shirt. Love it. Your cat is so funny :) (Не дальше не ближе -- выбрал себе местечко :))
    Have a wonderful week! Stay cool.

  4. Dear Olga,
    I've been thinking of you often and missing you.
    I like your new hair!! it suit on you for short. The zebra is pretty cute and white mixed torquies just perfect it makes have fun style perfect for summer air.
    Thanks for sharing!

    your cat is cute as well

  5. Hi, Olga. Cute zebra shirt. Love the splashes of turquoise.
    Cracking up over the cat! hahaha I'm a cat person and have had my share so I'm used to it, but it was a pretty funny photo addition. lol Have a great week. :)

  6. I'm just the same - mostly all about colour, but now and again, I like white! And my cats are the same too, always trotting across my shots or plonking themselves down for a good wash. Gorgeous tabby, and a beautiful outfit, Olga! xxx

  7. Wow!!! You look stunning and the zebra too .and for that matter the cat in the background as well!!!! The top is really unique and I live the way you accessorized your look with torquise colour!!!

  8. Love this cool look and the zebra is a great detail. My cats are often in the "bathing" pose when I take a pic too : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  9. The photo bombing cat is hilarious, mine always do that, too!
    What a great top, such a quirky print. x

  10. Love cats - they don't worry what others think of them even a bit! :)
    Olga, you look stunning! Beautiful from head to toe. Your brilliant warm hair color adds to the whole color palette. Love the top - such a great humor!

  11. Love the outfit! I absolutely love the top:)
    Hugs Beata


  12. Oh, look at you! All classic, with your own personal touches turning white into perfect! Love your stylish zebra ... your blue cheetah sandals ... your simple jewelry is just right. I can almost imagine you putting this together!