Leopard print sweater dress

Leopard pring sweater dress in rusty brown

It is spring here already: the sun is warmer, birds singing is louder and the peach tree in my yard is in full bloom. Around this time of year I suddenly get struck by strong urge to change something. They call it spring fever. Usually my desire for change doesn't go beyond my house: I move furniture, hang new curtains, change wall hangings. Sometimes I feel like doing something different, start learning Japanese, for example. Or sometimes it is as small as just to change my hair style. Yeah, I kind of get tired of my wavy-curly hair, it has started to annoy me. So, I guess you will see my straight haired from now on...well, until it too starts to annoy me.

Leopard print sweater dress in rusty brown worn over skinny jeans

I'm wearing a rusty-brown leopard print sweater dress today. I read somewhere that animal prints are worn by people who want to attract others, to be noticed. I don't know, I wear it simply because I like it. Not that I don't want to be noticed, I do, but that's not the reason I put it on.

Amber earrings

Amber ring

With this outfit I chose to wear an amber set, earrings and a ring. I love this stone (though it is not actually a stone). In older times people believed that amber was chunks of the rays of the sun set hard in the sea and then washed upon the shore. And it indeed looks like a trapped sunbeam, especially when the occlusions and faults within the stone catch the light.

Leopard print sweater dress in rusty brown
Leopard print sweater dress - local market, skinny jeans - 109F, shoes - Bentley, scarf - local, amber set - bought in Russia

I hope you're having a nice day
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  1. I love amber jewellery too, and am also partial to animal print - nothing wrong with getting noticed! The sweater is great, and you hair always looks gorgeous.
    I know what you mean about wanting to shake things up a little as brighter weather approaches! xxx

  2. You look beautiful with straight hair, just as beautiful as with curls! This tunic dress is awesome - I'd love to have one like this too! I also adore how you paired it with an animal print scarf. It's a very noticeable pattern, I agree - but like you, I wear it just 'cause I like it. I'm always a little surprised when I get noticed because I just don't really think about it... and it's honest.

    Amber is gorgeous, and you did such a beautiful job photographing it! It does have a warm sunny aura.

    I'd love to see your home decor - like you, I move furniture and change details when I get bored, Spring or Fall or Summer. :)))

  3. I love animal prints as well. I don't think that by wearing them we're trying to attract attention. Besides, they've been quite trendy so everyone is wearing them...in a way we don't stand out when we do, right?

    Anyhow, I really like that dress. The scarf is divine and such a perfect accessory for this look...and speaking of accessories those earrings are gorgeous!

    the new hairstyle looks nice on you...I cut my hair and changed my hairstyle a little but it's not the blog yet.

  4. I love amber jewelry ... & such a pretty sweater and scarf ... I like the patterns together. Cool look!
    Dawn Lucy

  5. Animal print or not, someone as lovely as you certainly attracts attention and admiration wherever you go :) I am a big fan of sweater dresses, most of all when they are paired with tights but the jeans are a pretty cool look too. Beautiful dress and so perfect with that scarf. Gorgeous hair and a wonderful smile :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  6. I am not a big fan of animal print, but I have to say you rock this look tastefully. Your print on print is done subtlely and you look great in it!

  7. Love the rustic brown and almost dark burned orange colour of your animal dress!!!! Also looks very nice with black skinny jeans and chunky shoes :) accessories are chosen nicely too....I love amber stone myself :) you matched lovely with your animal dress!!! New hairstyle suits :) looking forward to seeing more ways you style your hair!

  8. The colours of your outfit are perfect with that gorgeous amber jewellery and your hair always looks lovely, straight or curly. x

  9. I love the color of that leopard sweater, and the amber jewelry too! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  10. This is a great sillouette on you! Love the rust color with your red hair and the jewelry too, very pretty!
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess

  11. I can see why you love this animal print sweater dress ,the colour and style are perfect on you.I too am fond of a little animal print but not really to get noticed just because I like it.Your amber jewellery pieces are wonderful,thankyou for the information.Enjoy your Spring.

  12. The period calls for changings! I feel the same in Spring...for the time being here temperatures are still low, so it's better keep on wearing warm clothes! In your part of the world seems Spring is already there!! ( you, lucky girl )
    Very pretty sweater !

  13. Hi Rani! You are so color smart! All colors tie well together .Amber jewellery with sweater and your straight hair! And then the shoes match the scarf . in it is a little black to tie with your pants! Just perfect!

  14. Wonderful russet tones. I especially love the print on the top with the print on the scarf. Gorgeous jewellery pics! I may have to try some myself ;-) hope your spring fever brings you lovely changes! xo Jazzy Jack

  15. Good post. I like your Leopard print sweater and the matching amber jewelry. You are looking so beautiful. I love amber jewelry and always purchase amber stones for my sister from DR Fine Jewels. It is a big amber wholesaler company in The Dominican Republic