Orange skinnies: ethnic way

Indian Biba printed tunic worn over orange skinnies

Recently you have seen me wearing these orange skinnies with a contrasting colour printed blouse (here). And today I paired the same pants with an Indian tunic from Biba. Those of you who've been reading my blog for some time know that I like to wear ethnic pieces too, sometimes it can be a complete look, and sometimes it can be just one ethnic garment mixed with western clothes.

Ethnic Indian outfit: patiala pants, kurta, and printed vest
Western blouse worn over ethnic patiala pants

The main attraction of my today's pure cotton tunic is, of course, the birdy print. These are herons, I guess, miraculously turned bright orange at the request of a designer.

Orange herons print

What always amazes me in Indian clothes is quite unpredictable combination of colours, like in this tunic as well.

I didn't want to subdue the brightness of the tunic, so I combined it with the orange skinnies and multi-coloured shoes. The pendant that I wore with this ensemble is in the form of a bird and also contains stones of different colours: turquoise, lapis lazuli, and coral.

Stylized bird pendant decorated with turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli

Tunic - Biba, skinnies - 109F, shoes - Roberio Vianni, necklace - Women's Expressions (Nepal)

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  1. Wow!!!! You look beautiful, bright and youthful in this colour bold and very unique look!!! I love the way you kept the bird theme with those birds on the tunic and a bird pendant! !!! Shoes and orange skinnies really make the orange, reds and pinks in the outfit pop out!!! Beautiful :)

  2. Very well combined dear Olga! The pendent is amazing and so is the tunic. That you add shoes with floral pattern makes the look perfect.
    Sabine xxx

  3. You look great Olga! Love the ethnic touches with the orange pants. The shoes really make the outfit youthful and unexpected. Great color combinations on you.

  4. I just LOVE the pendant! And the orange herons paired with your orange skinnies are just awesome. The white and red outfit is another stunner. You have a wonderful and truly unique style, Olga! xxx

  5. I adore how you mix those eye-pleasing colors so well, dear! And the pendant is magical and beautiful! You are so lovely and creative! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  6. That pendant is just fabulous! I love seeing you in ethnic-inspired outfits. The second one down is my favourite, those rich jewel colours are stunning. x

  7. LOVE the way you play with colors! All such cool looks!

    Thanks for sharing with FUN FASHION FRIDAY!
    Dawn Lucy

  8. Glorious colours and print, and that is a stunning pendant too. I think you really have the knack for wearing ethnic pieces and making them look totally natural on you, I love the strong shades and the cool vibe. xxx

  9. Olga, I love the uniqueness of your outfit. The print and the orange red color looks great on oyour complexion too.
    please stop by, jess xx

  10. lovely post :) Happy Easter, have a nice day :)


  11. You mix colours so well...and you wear those ethnic prints perfcetly! I do really like the orange birds, they look absolutely magica...such a lovely print.

  12. You have a personal, very nice style ! The mix of tradition and new sources of inspirations makes it unique...you also add !!beautiful necklaces