William Morris inspired Anarkali dress

Today I want to show you my new ethnic dress from Biba. It is from their Spring Summer 2015 collection called "Indigo". What is remarkable about this collection that it is inspired by William Morris. William Morris was an English textile designer of the 19th century and is best known for his pattern designs, particularly on fabrics and wallpapers, inspired by nature. Wild and garden flowers, inter-twining leaves, birds and animals all feature in his designs.

Queen Anne. Wallpaper sample, London, England, ca. 1868-70, William Morris. Colour woodblock print on paper. The Victoria and Albert Museum

I guess my dress was created with Morris's Strawberry Thief design in mind.This is one of his best-known designs. This printed cotton furnishing textile was intended by Morris to be used for curtains or draped around walls or for loose covers on furniture. Despite the fact that this design was one of the most expensive printed furnishings available from Morris & Co., it became a firm favourite with clients.

Strawberry Thief. Furnishing fabric, London, England, 1883, William Morris. Indigo-discharged and block-printed cotton. The Victoria and Albert Museum

The dress would look fine worn on its own but as it is an Anarkali  type of a dress, it is supposed to be worn with churidar pants underneath. These tight fitting pants are made longer than the leg and so the excess length falls into folds and appears like a set of bangles - churi- resting on the ankle, hence the name.

photo from official Biba site

Have a nice weekend!
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  1. such a beautiful dress! and you wear it so well...you have a great taste and with the help of that you put together really wonderful traditional outfits.


  2. I love a William Morris print and this interpretation is gorgeous. Love the yellow sandals, too. x

    1. I've got the same ones Vix. I got them from Clarkes Shoes

  3. Such a gorgeous dress ! You look absolutely beautiful . Have a lovely weekend :) x

  4. What a wonderful dress dear Olga! The print is so precious.
    Sabine xxx
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. So beautiful and I love the back story inspiration too! You look lovely, Dear! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for linking up!
    Dawn Lucy

  6. That pattern is so lovely and intricate, a true piece of artwork. Those pants sound pretty interesting too :) How fun to learn a bit about the outfit like that. As always though, the true star of the post is lovely you, dear! Always such a beauty xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  7. Love the blue nails and the yellow sandals!
    Your dress and pants are truly elegant as usual.
    Thanks for the interesting story! xo Jazzy Jack

  8. I am a big fan of William Morris (right now, I am looking at a poster from an exhibition marking the 150th anniversary celebration of his work, which I bought in 1985 and had framed - it hangs above the computer desk!) Your dress is a wonderful homage to his designs, and suits you perfectly! xxx

  9. The whole world is sorry about the situation right now in your country!
    It is very sad!
    I know! my city relief shipments, men and dogs for research as well as drugs.
    I wish you courage, hoping that it does not touch your family

  10. I am shocked to hear about the earth quake in your area. It is so terrible!
    I hope you and your family remain unharmed. All my best wishes for you.

  11. Hoping all's well with you and your loved ones, Olga. xxx

  12. Olga, I thought of you when hearing news of the earthquake. I hope that you are ok and that help is available for all who need it.

  13. Stunning outfit, the colours and patterns are fabulous.
    Popped over from UK. Friend of Vix
    Lynn xx

  14. Just love this blue colour, it always look fresh and trendy. Nice Designer suits you have shared here. Please keep posting more with latest fashion trends.