Black and white floral wrap skirt

These photos were taken before the earthquake. I still have a couple of outfit photoshoots in my archives that I have not posted. Will use them for the time being as I don't feel like dressing up or photoshooting quite yet. This is one more of black and white combinations that I don't find boring. The floral print of the skirt, the chiffon detail of the top in the shape of a flower (though not seen properly on the photos) and a floral decoration on the sandals make this ensemble rather cheerful and interesting.

A black velvet ribbon, mother-of-pearl earrings in the shape of a flower, black and white bracelets and a black onyx ring complete the look.

Black and white floral skirt - Roman's (quite old), top - Marc&Spenser, sandals - Anona, bracelets, ring, earrings - all from Nepal

Update on situation here. Life in Kathmandu is slowly returning to normalcy: people moved back to their houses instead of residing in tents, supermarkets are opened, fruits and vegetables bazaars work. It is interesting how at times like this a real nature of the person is revealed. While many people were volunteering and helping in any way they could, there were others as well: some were going from camp to camp spreading false rumours about another bigger quake, creating more panic; some were ravaging the remains of the old historical UNESCO Heritage sites. There was fighting over freely distributed tents; others were offering a place in their larger tents for 500 rupees (app.5$) per night or a plate of cooked rice for 100 rupees (app.1$, same price as 1 kg of uncooked rice). There were cases of robbery and burglary as well.
I don't feel quite normal yet. I mean, one moment I am eiphoric and happy, because I survived THE BIG ONE; then another moment I feel teary and depressed because of so much destruction around. But I guees it is normal not to feel normal for a while after such type of event.
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  1. Dear Olga, it is absolutely normal not to feel quite normal after such an event. It takes time for life to return to normal and to feel depression and even anxiety is perfectly normal under the circumstances. I hope life returns to normal for everyone as soon as possible. It is tragic to see how some people take advantage of tragedies. I've learned with experience that when we donate something, for example food it is always good to write on the packaging with a market that it is a donation, so that it can't be sold (there are people who do that, in fact some of the richest people in Croatia are those that made money selling donation goods to their own starving people during the war in the nineties. )

    You look lovely in this monochrome look...very elegant and lady like! xoxo

  2. I imagine the feelings of anxiety will take ages to leave you. I dread to think how you feel after such trauma. You're on the right track by posting photos of lovely outfits and more settled times. That skirt is gorgeous and I do love a choker.
    Like most of my friends I donated via the Facebook appeal. Hopefully those funds will make a difference soon. x

  3. I'm so grateful that you're okay. I can't even imagine how scary that must have been. Tragic. Thanks for taking the time to share with Fun Fashion Friday, Dear.
    Dawn Lucy

  4. Olga, you look beautiful in your black and white - far far from boring! Love the flower detail of your sandals too. It's a big scale of tragedy - of course you are feeling sad. There are more kind people in the world, I firmly believe in it. And those who are not choosing kindness for now, are deeply damaged themselves - one can only imagine the pain they experience if they are willing to do something nasty or even just unpleasant to others. Hope everyone gets healed some day... Big hugses to you, dear far away friend! xxx

  5. Dear Olga,
    it is good to see you (even when the pic is taken earlier) and to hear that part of normality comes back. Of course such an experience make the feeling and thoughts ride roller coaster.
    You look marvellous in this summerly outfit. I hope you will feel so save and free again very soon.
    Sabine xxx

  6. So understandable to wrestle with survivor guilt and feel relieved and happy at the same time. This too shall pass, your strength and the love you keep close in your life will win in the end.

    Very lovely outfit, such adorable shoes. The skirt accentuates your hips just perfectly, dear. I bet the back of it is quite sight as well ;) You are such a radiant beauty with a gorgeous heart!

  7. It was a tragedy. We were glued to the TV and I couldn't stop crying looking at images of temples, dusty children with teary eyes and the desperate look on every face. I can only imagine the trauma they had to go through. One of my husband's colleague were on the Everest and we were waiting news about him for days. Thank God he was ok. I am sure this tragedy will only make Nepal bounced back stronger. The whole world is sending help in some ways and you are not alone.. sending you a hug.

  8. Olga , a rollercoaster of emotions is only to be expected after such a traumatic event. Sad to hear of people taking advantage of the situation, hoping this is sorted soon.
    Glad to see you posted this lovely photo , such a feminine black and white outfit .
    Take care.

  9. In love with that stunning floral skirt and how you styled it. The sandals are beautiful and such cute jewelry, also.

    Happy Monday! Ada. =)

  10. Olga, it is so wonderful to "see" you - you have been in my thoughts since the earthquake. I understand your roller coaster of emotions, it is a big trauma to recover from. Blessings and peace to you, xox

  11. You look lovely in black and white, Olga, and I imagine that trying to regain some sense of routine and normality is an important thing to do at the moment. It's only to be expected that you will feel a huge mix of emotions after what happened - who wouldn't? We've donated, hope there will be plenty of aid and assistance to help Nepal rebuild and repair. xxx