Don't be crabby!

Graphic t-shirt worn with a skirt

My Zodiac sign is Crab. So, no wonder that at times I get really crabby. So, my daughters bought me this cool graphic t-shirt specially for such occasions. Just put it on, look in the mirror and feel better. And it really works. Besides, when other people see me wearing this tee, they too are tend to smile.

These photos too were taken before the earthquake . Things seemed to be heading to normalcy but then the Tuesday quake hit us and now we are kind of back to the zero point. This second quake was strong but in Kathmandu this time the real damage from it was mental. People just got hysterical, many are still staying in the open, a few of my Nepali friends expressed their wish to leave the country. I hope there will be no more shaking, people will calm down soon and will live their lives in a normal way again. Because these are really strong spirited people.

Graphic t-shirt worn with a skirt
Graphic t-shirt - New Look, skirt - Bysi, bangles - local

Don't waste your day on being crabby!
Enjoy your time!
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  1. That crab tee is very funny...you are right to say it makes one feel better, it made me smile. my dad is also a crab in zoodiac and so is my nephew.

    you look lovely and I really like the colour combo of the skirt and the tee...very fun and positive.

  2. That crab tee shirt is great, nobody could fail to smile at that sweet logo.
    Terrible to hear of a second earthquake, it must be truly terrifying to be powerless against nature. No wonder people want to leave, I can't imagine how scary it must be.
    Take care. xxx

  3. Ha! I love it! I am too a crab. At least my zodiac is, and I can be at times! :-) Love the orange with the pretty green skirt on you.
    jess xx

  4. You look great in these photos! Love your hairs style as well!!! The crabby t-shirt is adorable and very cool!!! Suits you very well!!!! It made me smile too now! Great combination with contrasting green skirt! Lovely garden you have as well! Hope situation in Nepal will improve and no more shakes.take care!

  5. I'm a crab too! Such a fun and cool look! Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday & have a fab weekend!
    Dawn Lucy

  6. I 'm a pisces. Do crabs eat fish?! :-)
    I know during the multiple Christchurch earthquakes in NZ when we lived there the second quake was more mentally difficult.
    I have lived through earthquakes in PNG as a child and remember the terror of the whole world going mad, especially at night.
    My thoughts are with you in your bravery. xo Jazzy Jack

  7. That shirt will certainly spread joy in a time and place it is most needed. You are normally a brilliant ray of light all on your own, bringing sweetness to wherever you are. And now you can add even more smiles :) Beautiful skirt too and oh so gorgeous you! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  8. yes, I do believe that the name of the city has something to do with love....somewhere online I found that the name of the city originates from the king Herzeg's wife, that is from her name...the prefix Ljub-, was often used to form old Slavic names.

  9. Great advice, dear Olga, I'll take it from you! You look lovely in these colors, love the combo and humor in your tee! xxxx

  10. Your crab tee does make you smile , no wonder your daughters choose it. I feel so much for you and those in your country , especially after the second earthquake, it really does seem so unfair. Take care, Olga, you are very much in my thoughts.

  11. Love the t-shirt; I am another Cancerian, and also prone to crabbiness!
    I can understand why the people of Nepal are feeling scared and dispirited at the moment. I hope the situation improves soon. xxx