Peasant skirt and wooden jewelry

Not again that black dress today :) And though there is still black colour in my outfit, it is represented only with a small cropped top: I needed a perfect background to show off my colourful wooden necklaces. Bought them in one of the handicrafts shop here.That's what I like about Nepal: you can find interesting handmade pieces here and for minimum price.

The simple peasant style skirt is decorated with crochet details on its top and hem. I am not sure whether to put crochet on the upper part was really a good idea after all, it makes hips look larger and because of this detail it is rather difficult to find the right top to pair the skirt with: you can't wear something tucked in - your hips would look even larger, and you can't wear it over the skirt - it would look bulky. So, the cropped top is the only suitable variant that I managed to find so far.

The bangles are also wooden, painted in Madhubani style.

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Peasant skirt - Chantelle, cropped top - Roman's, sandals - Bentley, wooden jewelry - from Nepal

Have a nice day!


  1. You look very summery in this look!!! Love the skirt and how it and that cropped black top perfectly suit each other and also show off your slim waist!!! The wooden coloured necklace and bangles are great accessories for this outfit! !! Love the purple shoes by the way!!!

  2. I love the skirt, I think it suits your figure beautifully (what wouldn't?) Gorgeous beads, too! x

  3. You look so gorgeous, dear! The necklace is certainly a beautiful piece. The talented mind that created that should be celebrated. Your outfit is wonderful too! The crochet work on the skirt is fantastic, I see what you mean about how to style it though. I adore your solution! That crop top with its peek of belly and those gorgeous curves so well displayed is very wow. You are such a lovely and exciting lady, dear, and so very sweet! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. Such an intereresting peasant skirt!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  5. This peasent skirt looks great paired with that cropped black top...because of the details it is best to wear it with a simple cropped top.

    The hand made necklaces are so eye catching....and you look absolutely perfect....

    Very feminine outfit!

  6. Que maximo amei o look arrasou, bom final de semana
    feliz dia dos namorados.

  7. Fantastic post and have a happy weekend.

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  8. Such a beautiful peasant skirt ! You look amazing . Love those shoes too . Have a great weekend :) x

  9. That's a really lovely skirt, and you're quite right, the crop top works perfectly with it. Fab beads and sandals too. xxx

  10. I'm so in love with that skirt, Olga! Fab head to toe Dear. Thanks so much for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday. I hope your weekend is wonderful!
    Dawn Lucy

  11. I love your wooden jewelry, especially the bangles! The necklace goes perfect on your black top and it is very summery ...the skirt really suit your slim figure!
    Have a nice weekend...

  12. You made the best choice with the cropped tshirt. maybe a tank top would look great. I have a similar style necklace and I used to wear it a lot. Now I know what it's called. I like your colorful outfit today! And i'm in love with anything crochet even if it's not always practical!

  13. I love this chic boho look Olga! Very romantic and you have lovely figure for this style! The necklace is beautiful and the perfect accessory for this skirt! I love long, feminine skirts too! I also have some colourful, handmade wooden jewellery.

    Happy Sunday!
    ♥ carmen


  14. Your accessories are to die for. They compliment this simple yet trendy look!

  15. WOW that skirt is gorgeous and I agree all your accessories are to die for. The shoes and necklace are so bold, fun, colorful and unique!

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