Stripes and polka dot mixing

Stripes and polka dot pattern mixing

There are three things that I like combined in this one outfit: polka dot, stripes and red colour. Well, actually four things, because the maxi length I like too. So, this look is a real mood booster for me, no way of becoming grumpy or low while wearing it. I found the skirt absolutely accidentally in a small shop near my house that I usually don't visit. The skirt was on a mannequin put outside on the road near the shop and while passing by I spotted it immediately. I liked not only the colour and print but the flowing design too.

Stripy top worn with polka dot maxi skirt

And the idea of pairing the skirt with my red and white stripy top came instantly. It's been for a while that I wanted to try polka do/stripes pattern mixing. I feel that this skirt will become one of my favourites.

Polka dot maxi skirt

As accessories I wore a red bangle and a floral motif golden necklace.

Linking up with Jess's Turning Heads Tuesday

Stripes and polka do pattern mixing
Top - Bossini, skirt - local, shoes - Indiana, bangle - local, necklace - a gift

Have a nice day!


  1. Stripes and dots...just seeing these two prints worn together makes me feel happy!

    The combo of red and white is always striking...wonderfully stylish and feminine outfit.

    I really like the maxi skirt and top...lovely white wedges as well!

  2. Those 2 patterns are so fun together and the necklace is gorgeous. Glad you found a nice, red look that keeps the blues away. I will do my part with bad owl jokes too ;) You are so lovely, dear! xoxo

  3. I love the way you combined red colours and different patterns together jn this look. Very interesting and relaxed look, perfect for hot weather!!! Red bangle and flowery jewellery greatly accessorize this outfit and add a great summery touch as well!!!! You look happy and relaxed :) :) :)

  4. OLga, the stripes and spots are made for each other, such a fun look for Summer. Love your bangle and necklace and those white wedges. A really lovely look.

  5. Both of these patterned red pieces are pretty, especially that maxi skirt. You chose the perfect white wedges for this, also. Love it.

    Take Care, Ada. =)

  6. What a fun and totally fabulous combination! Love it! x

  7. You certainly can't be unhappy with such a fun outfit - you are right - every perfect element! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Chic and casual at the same time. You could go anywhere with this outfit and not look out of place. I love the gold necklace - lovely touch to compliment the neckline. If I was wearing that skirt I'd be pirouetting all over the place!


  9. I adore wearing red, it always makes me feel positive, and spots and stripes are a brilliant combination. You look amazing! xxx

  10. Perfection, Olga!!!
    Dawn Lucy

  11. This looks great on your figure and I like the asymetric striped top. I need some stripes in my life! The skirt is lovely!

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  12. I am experimenting new print combinations too, and find your stripes + polka dots an inspiring idea! Red suits you so well!! Beautiful long skirt...

  13. Oh you look so striking, Olga! Absolutely a show stopper in red!!! Love everything about it!

  14. Oh you look so striking, Olga! Absolutely a show stopper in red!!! Love everything about it!