Orange maxi skirt and carnelian necklace

Embroidered orange maxi skirt

You have seen all the things in this outfit before, in different combinations. So, nothing actually new today, except for the necklace. It is made from cornelian, I like the rich orange colour of this stone. And it happens to match with that of the skirt. Cornelian has been a favourite protective stone since the days of ancient Egypt when it was a preferred gem for making the heart-shaped amulets that gave it its name (from the Latin for heart cor). The ancient Greeks believed that the carnelian could satisfy all the heart's desires and Muslims called it the Mecca stone since it could make wishes come true. It is also believed that if placed under a pillow it will bring happy dreams. So many nice qualities though I bought it just because of its beautiful colour.

Cornelian necklace

The skirt is of thin light cotton and the bottom part is decorated with some embroidery. The top is of cotton jersey with chiffon sleeves that have slits in the middle (you can see a close up here). A very easy combination to wear and very comfy to be in.

Summer look: orange maxi skirt and cotton top

Embroidered cotton maxi skirt

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Skirt, shoes and bag - from Belarus, top - Monsoon , cornelian necklace - from Nepal

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  1. I'm very fond of cornelian and that necklace is lovely. The skirt looks fabulously cool and floaty and the top fits you really nicely. xxx

  2. Beautiful skirt, you look very pretty!

  3. Wow! Another bright summery and colourful look!!! I like it!!! Bright colours suit you well!!! You look lovely and tall in this maxi skirt. I love the bold orange colour and how the necklace matches it nicely!!! Perfect outfit for hot days!!!!

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  5. Very comfy but also very feminine summer styling...I really like that orange maxi...and pairing it with a simple blouse was a great decision!

    I also really like that gorgeous necklace! You look divine!

  6. I cannot get over how beautiful that skirt is, the colors, the patterns, all so cool! And that top looks so soft and pretty. Highlights your lovely curves so well too, dear! The necklace is stunning and you are just so gorgeous head to cute toe :)

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  7. Lovely colour combination. The whole outfit looks lovely and easy to wear

  8. You look simply lovely in this colour combination Olga. The skirt is so pretty and feminine. The cornelian necklace is quite stunning.

  9. A romantic look Olga and just your style! The orange is beautiful with batik and embroidery makes it very unique.

    Happy weekend!
    ♥ carmen

  10. I would love to have that skirt! And then of course the necklace that goes so perfectly with it! Super pretty, Olga! Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday & hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
    Dawn Lucy

  11. The necklace is beautiful and the perfect compliment to the rest of the outfit. I need to find a carnelian necklace as special as that one. I love all the different hues in yours. And such sweet detailing on the bag too.

  12. The sort of burnt orange color of that maxi skirt makes it even prettier. And that necklace plus wearing crean with it, worked out perfectly!

  13. I always like to know about gemstones! I love them for their beautiful colours, and your cornelian necklace is very nice, plus goes perfectly with the whole outfit!

  14. This necklace looks nice and could wear this with any outfit.