Wearing bright colours (yet again)

Global Desi gypsy palazzo pants, purple top and wooden necklace

After showing you bright seven-coloured Indian lehenga choli set in my previous post yet another multi-coloured outfit today. This one is more casual though. Perhaps there are less than seven colours in this look but definitely more than three: purple, pink, yellow, turquoise...I don't know whether there is a special name for the garment I am wearing as the bottom part of my outfit. It is a wrap skirt + pants combination. I loved it instantly. The fabric is light and thin and among all those splashes of colours there are elephants in the print as well.

Gypsy palazzo pants

Multi coloured elephant print
I chose to wear a bright purple top with this skirt/pants thing and added multi-coloured wooden necklace

Purple top worn with gypsy palazzo pants and multi-coloured wooden necklace

I've just checked the Global Desi site. Turns out they call this skirt/pants thing gypsy palazzo pants. Ok, let it be

Global Desi gypsy palazzo pants worn with purple top and wooden necklaceGypsy palazzo pants - Global Desi, top - UNIQLO, shoes - Delamode, wooden necklace and ring - local

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Have a nice day!


  1. Love your gypsy skirt palazzo pants heheheh. You look great in them and I like the way you accessorized the pants with bright purple top, simple yet unique coloured necklace and yellow nail polish, yellow ring and pink sandals! !!! You whole look is so vibrant and happy and you look happy in it :)

  2. Adoring the colours on your skirt, and I am coveting that necklace big time! Really pleased to have found you via Catherine's link up :)
    Michelle x

  3. Love all these colors, Olga (and yellow nails!) - they drew me right in!

  4. Gorgeous! I adore the necklace.

  5. Dear Olga,
    Thanks for sharing this. I always love your taste of fashion they always look fun and comfy
    I love the mix skirt and pants! It has fun colors and perfectly match with things you wear.
    Thanks for left such a sweet comment on my blog today.
    Have a great day!


  6. Hello dear :) The necklace and pants tie together so perfectly and that top is a great fit for you! The side shot shows off your pretty curves so wonderfully, very wow for me :) The style of the pants is so cool. I bet they would be popular here if we had them! You look so radiant, dear!!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  7. Gorgeous colour combination. Those trousers are fantastic, the style is brilliant on you. xxx

  8. I really love this pants, skirt combo on you. The colours are fantastic, perfect with your purple top and necklace.

  9. I love this combination of pants and a wrapped skirt, so unique! This purple top matches those wonderful pants wonderfully...you look very beautiful and confident. Wearing clothes we like always makes us feel more confident, doesn't it? Very feminine and stylish combo! This necklace is the perfect accessory.

  10. Those trousers-skirt are very cute! And I also like the name...Gipsy palazzo pants... colourful clothings are lovely on you! And the yellow nail polish is cool!!
    I have been wearing often wodden necklaces on holiday because they have a light weight and a traditional look which I like ...

  11. wow, this is an incredible outfit. I love all the colours together and your pants are such fun. Love the purple too! You look great.

  12. Not sure I'd call them palazzo pants, because of the skirt-y bit, but whatever they are, they're fantastic! What a beautiful print, and the colours are amazing. xxx

  13. Love your Gypsy palazzo pants! They are awesome and fantastic colour of the nails.

  14. I would need them! I too would be drawn to them instantly!
    Beauty contained in a rainbow...and elephants :-) xo Jazzy Jack

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