Bugs and butterflies tunic

Black skinnies with black-and-white bugs and butterflies tunic and black-and-white flats
So very casual look today again. And I would definitely have not bothered you with yet another boring "skinnies-and-a-top" look but I find the tunic rather lovely and decided that it is worth to be shown on the blog. Though it is in black-and-white palette but that bugs/butterflies/dragonflies print had charmed me when I saw the tunic in a local boutique. Seems like I have a weakness for an insects theme after all.  Some of you may wonder: again skinnies, again flats? These are not the things I wear that often. Have to say that it is the current situation in Nepal that affects my way of dressing. I don't know how many of you are acknowledged about what is going on here. Nepal is not the country that attracts much of people's attention unless they plan to travel here.

White tunic with black bugs, butterflies and dragonflies print

For more than two weeks now we have been in a kind of blockade imposed by some political Nepali parties and supported by Indian government. They just don't let trucks with all the supplies to go through. And if it is still enough food in Kathmandu there is no petrol and gas. Taxis, public transport and government vehicles get like 10-15 l of petrol every other day (for which they have to wait in a several-hours queue) while private sector has not got any petrol at all for two weeks. So, imagine crowds of people who wants to board not so many still operating public vehicles. Taxi drivers won't take you if you don't agree to pay four times the meter's price.
Many restaurants are out of gas and had to stop their service at all or change their menus. Few lucky ones who have required facilities started cooking on firewood.
What a country! My most interesting life experiences I got while living in Nepal. Not a chance to get bored here, always something is going on...

Anyway, have to hold on for a few more days and then we are going on a 12-days vacation. I am really looking forward to it. Need a break from all the Nepal's wonders, ha-ha...

Outfit in black-and-white: skinnies and insects theme printed tunic Skinnies - 109F, tunic - Flying Colours , flats - Anona, bag - Kara

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  1. I didn't realise there was a blockade going on, it's clearly making life very challenging. After all the devastation of the earthquakes, it seems a terrible shame to create yet more difficulties for the people of Nepal. Still, you manage to keep going, and keep looking elegant and chic - enjoy your holiday, Olga! xxx

  2. I didn't know about the blockade, you know how the press is....they only report about majort natural catastrophies and never stick around to let us know what happened after it. There is so little responsible journalism these days, they have started to behave like those aggressive marketing companies...but enough about that.

    You look lovely in skinnies and a tunic. Such a charming outfit! The print on the tunics makes it very interesting. I like bug prints too...I heard people call them ugly beautiful...and supposedly those of us who liked them are into ugly beautiful things...I'm not sure whether I like that term, it is so contradictive.

    I hope situation improves soon in Nepal...and I wish you a great vacation!

  3. Take care of yourself, Olga! The news in the States here hasn't covered this, and I'm disappointed that even the news source I use, NPR, hasn't mentioned it in world coverage that I've seen yet.

    About the outfit, I think those flats even by themselves are worth a photo post. ;D

  4. Wow a 12 day vacation!! So wonderful, glad you get to do that, dear. I am sure you need it. Your country sounds like it is on the verge of something rough if history holds to form. Hope I am wrong and that it rights itself quickly. Such an adorable bug top! The jeans are so flattering to your lovely legs, though I think again and dream of them in tights of many colors and styles. And those thoughts lead to such happiness :) Cute shoes and lovely feet too, dear!! So beautiful and sweet you are! have a great vacation :)

  5. That blockade sounds very tiresome, you'll be needing that holiday.

  6. That holiday is going to be so welcome, Olga - stay well. Lovely look today and the shoes are the Best! xo


  7. Enjoy that well earned holiday Olga. I had definately not heard anything of the blockade here in Australia, it must make day to day living so difficultYou still managed to look as good as ever in that black and white bug print tunic and those sweet shoes. Take care, enjoy your break.

  8. I can't begin to imagine what daily life must be like living in those conditions. How difficult and stressful it must be. That holiday can't come too soon, it sounds like and hopefully you'll be able to have a well deserved rest.
    The tunic is so pretty - a great length and I really like the white and black look right down to the sandals.

  9. Yikes! Never a dull moment, it seems. You look lovely and serene as you cope, and NO, I can't ever see enough skinnies-top-shoes combos. My inspiration to keep going in a warm climate, here! I agree with your assessment of the blouse. Who doesn't love butterflies and dragon flies! So cute with the little flowers on your toes ... just for the bugs, I know!
    Stay safe, and enjoy your vacation! Perhpas all will be back to normal on your return!