Green and yellow

Dark moss sweater, printed skirt and mustard yellow tights

Christmas is just around the corner but I don't have any "special edition" Christmasy post on the way. The tree and the house are decorated and my Christmas Eve outfit is ready but I just not in the mood to make all these be photographed. It is so cold in the house at the moment (just 10C degrees) that it has a lazying effect on me. These days it is really much warmer outside (15C) then inside the house (at least it is during day time). I have to put more layers of clothes while I am at home then when I go out. Ha-ha, the reality of life in Nepal.

Outfit of dark moss green sweater and scarf, printed skirt and mustard yellow tights

So, today there is just a normal outfit post, nothing festive except a Christmas tree on the background of one of the photos. Pairing dark moss green woolen sweater and scarf with mustard yellow tights in this look. The skirt combines both of the colours in its print and thus matches here perfectly.

Woolen sweater with printed skirt

Marry Christmas to all my readers and followers! May this holiday season be filled with joy, love and happiness!

Sweater - Bossini, skirt - Lui Chantant, shoes and scarf - local market

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  1. Happy Xmas! A lovely outfit, the tights are gorgeous.
    I hate the cold, too. Nothing less energy sapping, is there? xxx

  2. This is a great outfit for any day! I hope your Christmas is happy and peaceful, xox


  3. First of all - those two gorgeous rings you're wearing and how they pick up the colours in the skirt - nice touch! Then the tights - fabulous! Then the skirt with that lovely swirling pattern and the detail on the jumper. You have my sympathy about the inside being colder than outside! Our kitchen is exactly like that!
    Have a lovely Christmas, Olga and stay warm.


  4. What a lovely and clever ensemble you have put together, dear. That sweater is so pretty as is the skirt. And my favorite mustard tights once again! Still dreaming of seeing more of them but that closer look was certainly enough to enjoy very much! Thank you for including it, dear!! Stay warm and I send all the best wishes for your Christmas. Sending many hugs too :)

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  5. Merry Christmas Olga. You look so lovely in this outfit, perfect for cooler weather. Try to stay warm and enjoy the holidays.

  6. I wish You the sweetest Christmas, Olga!
    I have been looking for some dark moss grees in autumn, but in the end I didn't see anything I really liked ... you have find the perfect combination of colours and have also included a mustard colour ring to the outfit!
    Lovely ensemble!
    Your Christmas tree seems to be enormous!!

  7. Cute sweater :)
    BLOG M&MFASHIONBITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  8. Merry Christmas, Olga! Beautiful hues, I'd wear them any time too - fine in my book!

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  10. Oh my dear! Wishing you a warmer Christmas!
    I invested in a lot of wool last winter because I too feel the cold.
    Your lovely yellow and green are at least cheering, if not warming. :-)
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  11. A lovely mix of colors and patterns. I love the look Olga!
    All the best for you in New Year.
    Sabine xxx

  12. First of all Happy New Year Olga. I love love Olive green so I am totally eyeing your beautiful sweater and skirt. So lovely. Those Mary Jane shoes are fun, too.

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