Schoolgirl inspired outfit

Brown skirt with white blouse and brown waistcoat
No bright colours, no exotic patterns today. All of a sudden I decided to wear something different from my usual choice of clothes, something not typically me. This brown skirt was gifted to me some time ago and since then I couldn't figure out what to pair it with: whatever I tried seemed not quite right. Then the other day I stumbled across a same shade brown waistcoat in my wardrobe and the look finally was born.

Schoolgirl inspired outfit: brown skirt, white blouse and waistcoat, flats with socks

The skirt/waistcoat combination just needed a white blouse to be added and as the look started to remind a schoolgirl outfit I wore white socks with flat shoes to emphasize the effect.

White blouse with brown waistcoat, cat pin

Perhaps the only "very me" thing in this look is jewelry. Being a cat person I have quite a collection of cat themed pieces and here I am wearing a cat pin and cat earrings. They are made in somewhat same manner and may look like a set but the pin I bought in London while the earrings were brought from Turkey.

Cat and mouse pin

Cat earrings

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Brown skirt, white socks with flat shoes
Schoolgirl inspired look
Skirt - Monsoon, blouse -  , waistcoat - local, shoes - Citywalk

Have a nice day!

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  1. I love this look!!!! The skirt is gorgeous and emphasises really well your tiny waist!!! I like the vintage vibe in this look as well. The skirt reminds me slightly 1950's style and the shirt looks a bit vintage with the pleats and lacey details on it. The cat jewellery is very unique and adorable!!! They make this look even more special!!! Great outifit! !! :) :) :)

  2. Cat trying to catch a mouse? That has got to be the coolest pin I have ever seen and it matches nicely with the earrings. Great blouse and skirt...and the vest is perfect. I do like your intepretation of the school girl uniform. You look divine.

  3. Tht jewelry is so fun and original! You have the best taste in cool items like that. And look at the lovely schoolgirl! That blouse is so gorgeous and I am liking those socks for sure. Of course those cute shoes are keeping me from liking them completely :)

  4. Its good to mix things up a bit and this outfit, although a diversion from your usual colourful style, is great fun. xxx

  5. So fun! I love this different look on you, and of course the cat pin : >


  6. Great look, I really love those shoes! They look really comfy. :)

  7. Such a change of look for you Olga but it is really cute on you. Love that cat pin and earrings.

  8. I like this "not-very-you" look! Great job putting it together!

  9. So cute even if it is not a very you style! The skirt really seems born for the vest!!
    Your jewelry is very nice. Cats often are a funny subject...

    I am like you and sometimes find in my wardrobe clothes which go perfectly with pieces I have some difficulties to match...

  10. Marvelous skirt - I've tried the shoes+socks but I cannot pull it off.

  11. Love the cute cat mouse pin , and i think the mouse won, as they are on your ears too.. so cool! Love the vest and white shirt too
    Thanks for linking up to turning heads tuesday!
    jess xx

  12. It's a great outfit! Cute and classic at the same time, and the cat jewellery is fabulous! xxx

  13. Super cute outfit Olga and you do look like a school girl, but a very classy one! Honestly, you look so young that people will think you're a high school student ... :-)

    ❤️ carmen


  14. adorable outfit on you.love the white socks with those shoes