Turquoise skirt and jewelry

Turquoise skirt, beige cotton sweater and turquoise jewelry

So much turquoise in my today's outfit! I simply love this colour and I simply love this stone and mixing them both in one look makes it (the look) just love-able. There are several shades of turquoise and on me today you can see two of them: sky blue and greenish blue. The bright colour of the skirt was the main reason why I bought it. Of course, it fits perfectly and is decorated with embroidered pattern but still, the first thing that attracted me was the colour.

Turquoise skirt, cotton sweater and wedges outfit

Such brightness I wanted to balance with a neutral colour hence this light cotton sweater in beige. The shoes are also neutral...kind of...if you look at them straight. But if you look at the wedge part of them...ta-dah!...a surprising splash of colours!

Embroidered turquoise skirt and multi coloured wedges

The turquoise jewelry I wore with this look is also in two shades: one ring and earrings are in sky blue colour and another ring and the necklace are in greenish blue.

Beige cotton sweater, turquoise necklace

turquoise silver earrings

turquoise jewelry: rings and necklace

Outfit in turquoise and beige
Skirt - Monsoon, sweater - Bossini, wedges - Delamode, necklace - from Singapore, earrings - from Belarus, rings - gifted

Have a nice day!

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  1. Those shoes!!! Love this ensemble, Olga - very feminine, colorful and playful, with lots of thoughtful details, which pretty much sums up your style I think! Gorgeous skirt and jewelry, and I bet you turn some heads - not just on Tuesdays, but on regular basis! :)

  2. I love turquoise, too! Great skirt & jewelry! And I have total shoe envy! FABULOUS shoes!!!!

  3. I adore those shoes and your lovely turquoise jewellery, too! Fab skirt. xxx

  4. The skirt is adorable, the jewellery stunning but yes! I'm with the other ladies - THE SHOES!!!! I want those shoes!!!!


  5. Your jewelry is so pretty and well matched with that gorgeous skirt. The skirt is a wonderful mix of tribal and 70s to me, 2 of my favorite styles. Very lovely sweater and the shoes are so fun!! Wonderful for me that they are open too!!! I know it sounds silly but that 3rd shot totally worked for me tonight!! Amazing pleasure my friend!!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  6. Ooh those shoes, drool !
    Lovely colours today Olga
    Lynn xx

  7. That skirt is so wonderful...and the necklace matched it perfectly. Your make up is also flawless. You look very feminine and stylish!

    Those wedges are so lovely! I love that pop of colour.


  8. Perfect spring look and those shoes are to die for!!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday & hope your weekend is divine!

    Dawn Lucy

  9. Love this outfit, the jewelry is stunning, detail on the skirt and of course the colors in your gorgeous shoes!
    Thank you for linking up with Turning heads Tuesday
    jess xx

  10. Love that skirt, and the shoes are amazing! :)

  11. wow very nice looking in skirt and i like your jwelary you are looking very smart like fashion model

  12. This necklace looks nice and could wear this with any outfit.