Nepal's fashionable jewelry

One of the most fashionable jewelry pieces in Nepal at the moment is a special golden hairpins. On the head of almost every woman at a party you can see this gleaming ornament. It looks really stunning on the black hair. The required design element of this fashionable item is a crescend moon. Further different variations are possible: it can be supplemented by a star or a sun, decorated with filigree, several rows of chains, semiprecious and precious stones. The idea of this jewelry was borrowed from the Gurung and Magar: women of these ethnic Nepalese groups traditionally decorate their hair with a large pin called chandra ma which means "mother moon". The moon expresses a blessing that the mother moon may rest on the woman. The chandra ma is usually worn just above the nape of the neck. The eastern Nepalese version called tara displays a scalloped upper arch. There is also a small version of the moon design which is worn as a single pin near the forehead.

Another fashionable element of jewelry in Nepal now is a peacock. Every self-respecting jewelry store will offer you a choice of ornaments with the peacock theme: bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces. In Hindu-Buddhist culture the peacock is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. It is also believed to prevent death from snakebite. Since it can also protect against the evil eye, the peacock is painted on house walls in the Tarai region of Nepal.

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