Pleated cat skirt

white satin pleated cat skirt with white fur jacket

Hello stylish ladies! Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I am a cat woman: I love cats and have always had them around me. At the moment I have three cats living in my house. Besides, I like collecting cat-themed things including clothes. My friends are well aware of this weakness of mine and whenever they see something cat theme interesting they buy it for me. And this skirt I'm showing today is just that case: it was gifted to me. No need to say that I was amazed by it. Prints of different types of cats look really beautiful on the white satin surface of the skirt. I wore it for the first time on Valentine's day but guess what...my husband didn't notice cats at all until I pointed it to him...men...


Sweater over pencil dress

slate grey fluffy sweater over pencil dress

Hello stylish ladies! From all the colors that exist my less favorite perhaps is grey. Especially for clothes. Firstly, the color seems rather boring to me, secondly, I think it doesn't go well with my complexion. But look at me today - wearing grey all over! This is a more interesting shade of grey though, so-called slate grey, that has slight azure tinge in it.
In spite of me not liking grey I couldn't resist this sweater: the knitting pattern and the fluff make it pretty enough on their own but besides that, the sweater goes nicely sparkly under the light. Real beauty!


Outfit in shades of purple

faux fur coat and corduroy skirt outfit

Hello stylish ladies! What is your favorite color? I have to confess that my love is the color of purple, in all its numerous shades. And my today's look, except for the bag and shoes, represents this love. To tell you the truth, it's not that often that I manage to find interesting pieces of clothing in my favorite colors. This lavender faux fur coat and the lilac corduroy skirt happen to be my recent purchases. To find a fur coat in such a color - it was just rare luck! And a skirt in lilac, you don't see it around that much, too. So, finding these two lovely pieces really made me happy. And I've been just waiting for suitable weather to be able to wear these newly bought things. And so, the day has come!


African jungles inspired outfit

African print skirt, light green woolen sweater, suede boots

Hello stylish ladies! My today's outfit is inspired by Photowall, a Swedish wall decor company that makes top-quality products to help you create a room of your dream. There you will find an unimaginable choice of designer wallpapers , wall murals, canvas prints, and posters. When I was contacted by the company and suggested to choose any product I wish, it turned out to be not an easy task for me because of the variety of designs they have to offer. I knew that I wanted a canvas print for my dining room and I browsed through hundreds of images: animals, landscapes, fantasy, movie posters, maps, arts, foods...I can't even remember all the themes they have. In the end, I decided on this Gorilla print. The image somehow appealed to me, I imagined this ape peeping through the greenery straight into our dining room. I liked his clever and slightly sad eyes. Besides, the print would match the room's walls color and the jungles behind the room's windows.


Cutwork felt maxi skirt

cut work felt maxi skirt

Hello stylish ladies! In today's outfit I'm featuring my new cutwork maxi skirt. This is definitely a skirt for colder days because it consists of two layers, where the first outer layer is made of fine felt with 50% wool in its composition. The second, inner layer of the skirt that can be seen through the cutwork is in mulberry color and that's why I chose to pair the skirt with a magenta-colored sweater. The cut of the skirt is very elegant and feminine and these are just the two qualities that I really appreciate.