African jungles inspired outfit

African print skirt, light green woolen sweater, suede boots

Hello stylish ladies! My today's outfit is inspired by Photowall, a Swedish wall decor company that makes top-quality products to help you create a room of your dream. There you will find an unimaginable choice of designer wallpapers , wall murals, canvas prints, and posters. When I was contacted by the company and suggested to choose any product I wish, it turned out to be not an easy task for me because of the variety of designs they have to offer. I knew that I wanted a canvas print for my dining room and I browsed through hundreds of images: animals, landscapes, fantasy, movie posters, maps, arts, foods...I can't even remember all the themes they have. In the end, I decided on this Gorilla print. The image somehow appealed to me, I imagined this ape peeping through the greenery straight into our dining room. I liked his clever and slightly sad eyes. Besides, the print would match the room's walls color and the jungles behind the room's windows.


Cutwork felt maxi skirt

cut work felt maxi skirt

Hello stylish ladies! In today's outfit I'm featuring my new cutwork maxi skirt. This is definitely a skirt for colder days because it consists of two layers, where the first outer layer is made of fine felt with 50% wool in its composition. The second, inner layer of the skirt that can be seen through the cutwork is in mulberry color and that's why I chose to pair the skirt with a magenta-colored sweater. The cut of the skirt is very elegant and feminine and these are just the two qualities that I really appreciate.


Winter casual: knit culottes and leather jacket

casual outfit culottes and leather jacket in navy blue

Hello, stylish ladies! Sharing with you today yet another winter casual look featuring culottes. I love wearing culottes on hot summer days because their loose design and light fabric help to bear high temperatures. But I haven't worn any culottes in winter until now. Well, everything happens for the first time one day. While shopping in one of these days I spotted a different type of culottes meant specially for colder days. They were made from thicker cotton and polyester knit fabric and had a wide elasticated waistband. I tried them on and they fitted and looked nice. They were navy blue in color and I thought they would perfectly match my leather jacket in the same color. So, I bought them.


Winter festive: velvet and metal thread

festive outfit embellished velvet jacket with maxi skirt

So, the major winter festivals - Christmas and New Year - are over. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. And today I want to share with you my festive outfits. A bit late, maybe, but it's better late than never.
We had a Christmas eve dinner at a rather posh place, so I had to look glamorous and elegant and festive. So, I thought that my embellished velvet jacket would be quite the right choice for such an occasion. It looks beautiful and rich and where else I could possibly wear it if not to a posh restaurant.


Winter casual: sweater and skirt outfits

mustard yellow sweater with tulle skirt outfit

Hello stylish ladies! Today I want to show you two casual winter outfits featuring one sweater and two different skirts. Pairing a sweater with a skirt instead of jeans or trousers looks way more interesting and feminine in my opinion.
The sweater in these outfits is of medium length what makes it easier to style than, say, long or short ones. The main reason I bought this sweater was its color, mustard yellow. I really love this color and it's not that you see a sweater in such color that often. Besides the color I liked the texture of the sweater, it's kind of like waffles and looks very interesting.