What the Sri Lankans wear

While visiting another country, it is always interesting to see how people dress there. And in the Asian countries it is double interesting. So, during my travel in Sri Lanka I walked around with my eyes wide open and my camera ready.
 In Sri Lanka many girls and women wear skirts, mostly long and wide, with shirts or blouses over them.

Many married women wear a sari draped in the Indian style. But most popular it seems is a Kandyan style sari called osaria. It looks very much like an Indian sari but the difference is in a fetching frill around the waist and in more pleated than flowing pallu. Osaria really looks very pretty and feminine.

Muslim women in Sri Lanka, like many Muslim women around the world, wear long black robes that cover the entire body, and head covers.

Men in Sri Lanka prefer to wear a traditional Sri Lankan sarong. The colours they choose, I would say, are often bright and, from our point of view, not quite masculine. They pair sarong with a shirt or a T-shirt, and sometimes wear it with a belt. Sarong can be worn long, and if necessary - too hot for example, it can be made short by folding. A very handy thing.

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  1. Yeah I love the culture because I went there when I was on job hunt. I really like the weather,people, culture and clothing over there.

    Adorable pics