Traditional costume of Ukraine

Traditional costume of Ukraine in many ways resembles that one of Belarus, there are many similar details, but at the same time they are quite different.
A typical costume of an Ukrainian man consists of a front-embroidered shirt tucked in sharovary - quite famous wide baggy trousers made of blue or red matte woolen fabric, a multicoloured sash made of silk, cotton or wool, boots and a hat - straw or lamb fur one. However, there is another type of pants too - the narrow ones. They are sewn to a belt and buttoned and worn with a long not tucked-in shirt. Over the shirt a svyta is worn - a coat of brown woolen cloth colourfully dyed and decorated with embroidery or applique.

Typical costume for a woman includes a calf-lenght chemise with embroidered sleeves. Over this goes the plakhta, a panel skirt woven in a square fancy pattern, which is put on around the back and is open at the front. The front opening is covered with a heavy narrow apron, a few inches shorter, and around the waist is a multicoloured woven girdle. Besides the belts, narrow linen towels decorated with red bands are also used.  

On the upper part of the body the sleeveless hip-length or longer kersetka is worn - a waistcoat or vest, which fastens on the left and is trimmed in black velvet and decorated with tape or fabric zigzags. Strands of coral beads adorn the neck. In previous times they used to indicate how much land the family had. Often side by side with the coral necklace a circlet of coins is also worn.

The head of young girls is adorned with the flower wreath with long ribbons hanging down behind. It symbolizes womanhood. A married woman covers her head with a kerchief or ochipok - a kind of bonnet.


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