Ethnic costumes of Russia in photos

One more post dedicated to traditional costume of Russia. These photos were taken in 1979 by Aleksandr Bozhko during ethnographic expedition around different regions of Russia. The costumes themselves date mostly from the 19th - early 20th centuries and are from the collections of different ethnographic museums of Russia.

A dress from Arkhangelsk province

traditional bridal dress from Arkhangelsk province

bridal headdress from Voronezh province 

festive dress of Northern regions

"kichka" headdress from Ryazan province

traditional headdress from Novgorod province

ethnic dress from Ryazan province

"soroka" headdress 

ethnic costume of Tula province

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  1. What a glorious topic, thank you, Olga! Aren't they all beauties? I am a little bit familiar with our folk costumes as I studied folklore and also learned about costumes from Juliana, our local Russian ethnic singer (she is amazing - she always wears authentic Russian costumes which are a few hundreds year old at her concerts, I wrote articles about her a couple of times). These photos are so heartfelt and beautiful, the costumes are rich, and the girls are beautiful.

  2. Thank you very much. Great documents.