Outfit post: hatting around

I have always loved hats. In my opinion they make any woman instantly look more interesting, chic and kind of enigmatic. With the help of a hat a woman can create different mood and different image, all she needs to do is to chose the right design of a hat. Romantic, cocettish, extravagant, elegant, careless, serious - you decide what kind of a woman you want to be today.
So far I have not been invited by any royals to one of their receptions ; neither I have visited such events like Ascot or Derby. So, no opportunity yet to wear an unusual kind of a hat which I'd greatly liked to. Have to chose more simple and appropriate designs.

A few photos of girls from the streets

And I like guys in hats. It is rather rare chance to meet in the street a guy wearing a hat (I don't mean the baseball kind). A pity, because a nice hat adds charm to its wearer and as in the case with a woman the man looks more interesting.

There is an old saying "if you want to cheer yourself up, go out and bye a new hat". Works absolutely for me! And do YOU like wearing hats?

Those interesting to know more about types of hats, check this link

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  1. I love hats & I totally agree with that old saying.
    A hat can lift an outfit and lift your mood too...people should wear more hats, especially men as it makes them look very dapper ;)
    Great blog by the way...x