How I welcomed 2013

In my country it is believed that the way you welcome the New Year will affect the whole year. Means, if you are happy and laugh much then the year will be same - happy and joyful; if you are sad or worried, expect many problems in the coming year. So everybody tries to have as much fun at the New Year's Eve celebrations as possible.
According to this belief I should expect a good year ahead. I enjoyed the evening and actually didn't notice the time had passed. There were friends, there was music, there was performance, there was much food and wine, and there was dancing.
There was one local singer who entertained the audience with her songs, and a dance group from India. They performed different types of dances: rock-n-roll, jazz, disco, Bollywood and etc.

My favourite part of the dinner - desserts. They have such a big choice that it was not an easy task for me to choose. Finally I took heated strawberries with whipped mascarpone cream. Yummy...

People were dressed differently: some looked really elegant and festive while others preferred rather casual outfits.

I wore a black knitted dress decorated with black beads that give sparkle when catching light. Plus a big stone Swarovski ring and a watch with snake motif. As 2013 is a year of Snake according to Chinese horoscope they say to wear something "snaky" while welcoming the New Year would bring good luck. And lucky I was to have this watch.

Outfit details: dress  -  Imagination, bought in City Centre
shoes  - Bentley
watch  - bought in Belarus
ring  -  Swarovski

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