Outfit post: not couture but...

Three years ago my cousin was graduating in fashion designing and was making her collection for the final fashion show. I was in London at that time and was lucky to watch the whole process - drawing of illustrations, choosing fabrics, tailoring and sewing. I even helped with some work. It was fun. It turned out that the finished outfits fitted me well and of course I didn't waste my chance to try them on and to take a few photos.

Decorative parts of this dress are made from leather. It was not an easy task to sew them (I did that so I know). After fashion show I was given this dress as a gift.

And here are a few of her other works

These two are inspired by Elizabethan era

It was my idea how to make the dress to keep its ball-shape 

Making outfits is always fun :)

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  1. Your cousin is very talented! These are all so wonderful and unique! I really like the third dress the best! It looks great on you. :)