Anarkali dress and a wedding party

Maybe in my previous life (if I had one) I was an Indian. Otherwise how to explain my love for many things Indian, including clothes. This type of dress is called Anarkali and its name it got from a legendary Mughal dancer of the Akbar court who used to entertain the noble men wearing a dress of similar shape (tight in bust area and flowing down the waist in the shape of an umbrella). Anarkali means "pomegranate blossom" and the girl got this name thanks to her beauty. Her end was tragic however: she had a love affair with Akbar's son Salim and when it became known outraged Akbar ordered to immure her alive in a wall. After Akbar's death Salim built a tomb to Anarkali's memory and on her marble tombstone there are such words inscribed:
Ah! If I could behold the face of
My beloved once more, I
Would give thanks unto my
God, until the Day of Resurrection
Majnun Salim Akbar (Your Lover Salim, son of Akbar) 
(source - Private life of the Mughals of India by R. Nath)

Yesterday I was invited to a wedding party and so I wore this bright anarkali dress in which orange, red, black and green colours are combined.

Accessorized it with several bangles and a large ring in Indian style and a pashmina shawl.

A few photos from the party

happy newly-wed 

I'm posting this on Patti's Visible Monday because a dress like this in my opinion will make visible any woman. Please visit her blog to see other visible women :)


  1. Very elegant and lovely, xoxo.

  2. Love your dress, Olga and the story is so sad! What beautiful outfits and jewels.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

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  4. Wow, your dress is stunning. I think I must have been Indian in a previous life too cause I also adore traditional Indian clothing, so ornate, intricately decorated and a real celebration of colour.
    Anyone who fails to appreciate that must be mad in my opinion.
    I've never been a guest at an Indian wedding although I have worked at a few (back in the days when I did banqueting) and I was always completely in awe with the wonderful outfits.
    I love that last photo, you all look absolutely wonderful...xXx

  5. OOOOOOH! Beautiful!
    Thank you for including the historical information, I enjoyed learning about the origin of your dress. Great detail shots and party pictures. I want to attend an Indian wedding now -- so much color and pattern!

  6. Ah what a sad story! But beautiful dresses; thanks for sharing the lovely pics with Visible Monday.

  7. Stunning dress--you look gorgeous!!! What a sad story of Analkari-- kind of a lovely juxtaposition to the wedding party pics, a happy love story :)

  8. Absolutely beautiful outfit and jewelry.

  9. It's an wonderful dress. The colors go so well with your hair and the pattern is spendid. I love it!

  10. Beautiful! These are your colors and you look very natural in this style!

  11. wow your dress is beyond beauty darling! i love those bold colors and the rich embroidery! you look really amazing here!
    i just became a fan of you in Facebook, me too i´m on Facebook if you would like to check it out;) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marylou-Cinnamon/404321646250049?fref=ts
    love and kiss,mary

  12. You look stunning. Truly beautiful in those jewel tones.

  13. Hello Olga, I love your outfit, such beautiful colours and textures of those incredible fabrics. Suits you perfectly.


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  16. I often think that traditional wear is so much more imaginative compare to the modern one... Thank you for sharing such precious gems with us! Very interesting and very unique blog, Olga!
    You are beautiful and seem very harmonious in all of the Indian dresses I've seen! I think that you probably were an Indian in your previous life! :)

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