Outfit post: layering green

In this casual outfit I layered a skirt, a sweater and a vest of different shades of green with a black-and-white checkered shirt. The necklace is made of wooden pieces.

There are two simple basic principles to layer clothing. 1)The thinner and longer the garment, the farther it should usually be under the layer. The thicker the garment, the closer it should usually be to the top of the layer.
2)Layering in a single color creates a boring effect. So it is better to add one garment of contrast colour. Usually, lighter colors look better when worn under dark colors.


  1. Thanks for stopping by sweety! This is such a great post (: Like it! Specially your sleeveless jacket, keep in touch!xx


  2. Really lovely! And such simple rules - you've summarized them so well!