Giant polka dot maxi dress

Actually I am not a big fan of giant polka-dot pattern but this dress is an exception. The circles are of different sizes - some bigger, some smaller, some of them are combined together, others are on their own. All this creates an interesting effect.

The length of the dress is such that if to wear it with flats then it will touch the ground. I accessorized it with turquoise/coral necklace, earrings and bracelet in same design and Indian glass bangles in blue and red.

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Life in Nepal is full of surprises. Look what a guest I had in my yard some time ago

 And another time there was more dangerous guest - a snake. I didn't take any photos of it because I was scared. I just stayed inside and watched it through the window until it was gone. According to the local press in the last year there was 284 cases of snake bite in the Kathmandu Valley. No wonder I was scared. Snake bite is not the thing I want to experience in my life.


  1. I love that dress. And that color really suits you.
    And what a sweet visitor. <3
    Must a real pleasure to see them in their own habitat.

  2. Wow! Such a beautiful dress:)


  3. That dress is perfect! You look gorgeous. Lovely photos!


  4. What a beautiful dress Olga! I love the pattern and the color! You look amazing.
    The red bag is extraordinary, a cute color and a unique style.
    A snake would have scared me too. Take good care of you!

  5. This is a beautiful dress. I really like it paired with the red and white shoes.
    I found your blog on Patti's Visible Monday...and its a real treat. I love the cultural style education!

    I see that you are originally from Belarus. One of my very favorite ballroom coaches and dancers is from Belarus; her name is Anna Mikked and she is a wonderful dancer, coach and a beautiful lady. She also has fabulous style. She recently judged at a ballroom competition that I participated in and all of the ladies in my group were looking at her beautiful dresses as she judged.

    You also have beautiful style sense!

  6. This dress is so cute and you look truly gorgeous! Ohhh myyyy..... this guest is sooooo adorable-can imagine how interesting life is in Nepal! By the way I’m hosting a link up party and would love to see your look there!

  7. You gave a whole new inspiration to the usual polka dot dress, love the colors!


  8. You look beautiful as always...and so fresh and summery in the pretty blue dress w/ polka dots. The gardens there are lovely.

  9. gorgeous dress and it looks great on you. I love polka dots, it is one of my fav patterns!

    cute monkey:)

  10. What an exciting back yard you have! Love this colorful dress and you look gorgeous. Thanks for linking up to Vis Monday!

  11. That color blue looks great with your hair! When I was in India, we saw monkeys when we traveled to the jungle.

  12. This is a fantastic way to wear polka dots. The tiering of the skirt really tones down the pattern to break it up and make the dress look uber chic! Kudos!

    Stopping by from the link up! Happy Monday!

    Understated Classics

  13. Love the dress! The colors are gorgeous and I love all the red you worked in with your accessories.

  14. Olga, the dress is gorgeous. It has all my favorite colors! You look beautiful in the dress. Love your accessories. The red purse is sooo tres chic! Have a nice week! Stay away from snakes (I saw one recently too, brrr...)

  15. Oh now this is a lot of fun. Yes, polka dots come in all sizes, and they are all lovely.

    I like the monkey, btw.

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  16. The dress is beautifl and you have a cat too! Ahahah very nice post, you took a pic of your guest just in time!


  17. You look cute, I hope your guest didn't cause you problems! xoxo.

  18. i´m a polka dot obsessed so how could i not fall in love with your beautiful maxi dress! fabulous colourcombo! and i love how you paired it with that red case and shoes!