Holi celebrations and a day out at the lakeside

Yesterday it was Holi in Kathmandu, the festival of spring and colours (in India and Terai region it is celebrated today). It is one of the most colourful and gay festivals here. At this day everybody sprays water and coloured powder at each others. Streets are full of people smeared with different shades of powder all over. Kids throw plastic balloons filled with water at the passers-by. Music, laughter and screams can be heard here and there. Many guys deliberately paint their faces in most impressive and creative designs.

Unfortunately I am allergic to the powder and so at this day I prefer to stay away from the celebrating crowds. This time we decided to go to one peaceful lake situated not far away from Kathmandu.

There is an interesting warning sign at the entrance to the lake's territory

As the last three are quite common everywhere - no smoking and drinking alcohol, no fishing and no swimming, the other three one would hardly see somewhere in Europe or America - no hugging (fine 1500 rupiahs , no kissing (fine 2000) and no school boy-girl couples (fine 500. One dollar = 85 rupiahs)

I wore ethnic kurta with not ethnic maxi skirt. Actually I am tired of combining kurta with pants all the time. What do you think about wearing it with a maxi skirt for a change? The kurta is made of 100% ramie, very good for hot weather but very much wrinkles prone. It is embellished with beads and some metallic "confetti".

The lake is not that big but it is clean and full of fish. The fish is completely for the entertainment and joy of the visitors of the lake, fishing both for private or business purposes is forbidden. There are packets of special food sold on the bank of the lake and at the entrance so anyone can buy and feed the fish. As it turned out the fish food is willingly eaten by dogs, ducks and crows as well.

There is so much fish that it looks like one could catch it with bare hands. Some of the fish is so big, around meter in length.

After getting a few portions of fish food the dog became our best friend (for the time being).

Though we didn't celebrate Holi in traditional way still it was a lovely day and I enjoyed it very much.


  1. omg so happy to see this posts cuz i am from kathmandu aswell....i lie her...i didnt celebrate holi thou this year because of work....anyways so nice to find u blogging abt my city n holi

    btw do check out my new post aswelll
    hope u will like it
    stay in touch

  2. Looks like a very nice day for you. The Kurta looks great with the maxi skirt! I love ducks lol, you fed some cute ones haha, xoxo.

  3. It's a wonderful place that lake - in spite of the prescriptions :D
    However here you will find at every lake a sign tell us that dogs are not allowed to swim.
    You look fabulous in your khurta and the maxi skirt. I even prefer the skirt to the pants. I love your ethic dresses so much!

  4. I like the kurta with maxi skirt, but I would never be able to ride a motor scooter in it!

  5. Wonderful nature, I'm impressed. You look so happy and shinning on pictures. Greetings from Croatia :o)

  6. what a beautiful relaxing day you spent at the lake-- I would also prefer nature to crowds of people. You look gorgeous in the tunic. I think it can be paired with skirts and pants.

  7. Those fines look intense!!! I wouldn't be able to live there, but it looks gorgeous to visit!!

    Lovely blog, would you like to follow each other?

    Sophisticated Lace

  8. Actually this top looks nice with this skirt. perfectly matched and very well color coordinated. love it!
    wow, very interesting celebration. have a lovely weekend my dear!