Picnic on top of the hill

Yesterday we went on a picnic which was organised in a picturesque place than is one hour drive away from the capital, on top of the hill. There were no picnic baskets with sandwiches. Catering service was ordered and they brought with them all the stuff: gas cylinders, cookery items, dishes, spoons and forks, glasses. They cooked food on the spot and then served it in "civilized" manner.

I wore cotton shalwar type pants with a lose tunic which I find very comfortable for such occasions. I love the print of the pants and before I used to wear them with a plain white top. This time I decided to mix in a bit of print on the top too.

The place was amazingly picturesque, so breath taking views one could enjoy from the top of this hill.

I was happy with my outfit but comparing with Nepali women I looked rather pale and modest. :)

I walked around and spotted a few interesting things: this big bright bug

these interesting but neglected flower pots

white azalea and small flowers resembling forget-me-not

And I got very lucky yesterday because I won at Bingo. Believe it or not but it was the first time I ever won such  kind of games. The prize was 1000 Rupiahs and that would be enough for buying a good nail polish or a lipstick :)

I enjoyed my day and hope you too had a nice week-end!
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  1. Olga, what a wonderful day you spent!
    Your pictures are fantastic, I enjoy it so much seeing your beautiful country.
    There is nothing I would like more at presentthan spending sunday outside by a picnic.
    Your outfit today is perfect for such an event. I love the pattern mix and I love such kind of pants. I have such pants in brown and can't wait to wear them outside.
    Thank you for sharing your impressions!

  2. Great luck at bingo! My husband would love those views.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Wow. This place looks amazing! Mountains in other parts of the world look so different from Seattle. Those pants are comfy, right? Looks great.

  4. What a magnificent landscape! Thank you for sharing this brilliant day with Visible Monday.

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  6. Every time i look at your blog my eyes are like this O.O! You post such interesting thing and, my Lord, this view is something special! And i love the print of your pants, i've got something similar but with colored stripes.
    Have a nice week
    (if you see a delated comment that was me with a wrong email address, sorry)


  7. Wow! What a picnic! You're so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing scenery and wildlife. I love your outfit especially the pants - the print is so pretty - how gorgeous are all those saris?

  8. Hello, Olga. I can't think of a prettier place to have your picnic. And how wonderful to enjoy the day with lunch cooked for you, and all the other women to chat with. Bright, beautiful ... everyone!

  9. Congrats, dear Olga! You won one of the floral buttons. Please send my your adress and it will soon be sent.

  10. What a lovely outfit for a wonderful relaxed hike in the Nepalese mountains, looks like you're having an amazing time! I especially love those pants, you look great.

  11. I really love your pictures! You are very lucky to know a different culture! ^_^