Turquoise cardigan and my collection of cats

This woolen cardigan in bright turquoise colour I bought with 50% discount because of one missing button. I got rid of three lower buttons leaving only the three upper ones, making the cardigan kind of half-open. I like its bright colour and openwork details. But as it turned out its design is difficult to combine with anything (at least with anything that I have in possession): it's too short to wear with pants; it' too loose for layering or wearing with most of my skirts or dresses. Finally I tried this combination but still am not sure. What do you think about combining this cardigan with this skirt? How does it look to your eyes?

This is one of my favourite rings, silver with garnet stones. I bought it in Moscow many years ago and in love with it.

The nail polish is the one I've bought recently. It is from OPI in a shade of metallic turquoise. This is the first time I tried this brand and I can say that I am happy with it: dries fast, intense in colour, long lasting.

Outfit details: cardigan  - no brand, bought in Kathmandu, Bhat Bhateni
skirt  -  Monsoon
t-shirt  -  Wrangler
sandals and bag  -  bought in Kathmandu, Bentley

Now look what I've got from a friend of mine, a new cat figurine for my collection

Being a big lover of cats it is no wonder that little by little I started to collect different things in cat theme. Can't resist to show some pieces from the collection.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Love your cardi. The color is my favorite.
    The cats are adorable! Have a nice weekend too.

  2. That cardigan is too cute n it looks gud on u
    Luv the cardigan unbuttoned more than buttoned up

  3. I believe that cardigan is one of the prettiest I have seen. How lucky you are to have found it. And your cats are adorable. Do you have a live cat lurking around?

    1. I have not just a cat, I have five cats living with me :)

  4. Don't worry the cardigan, it looks great with this skirt. Particularly when you wear it open so that we can see the striped shirt - a fine color and pattern mix. I think you can also wear it with small tight jeans in black or brown. Turquois is a wonderful color and matching you so well.

  5. I just love that woolen cardigan in bright turquoise. What a stunning colour it is and it does go nicely with that skirt (btw I love the length of that skirt). I think I would also go well with both a longer or shorter skirt. You styled it all nicely.

    Liking the nail-polish....

    I also love cat. Unfortunately I don't have a cat of my own just now, but I feed the cats around my house. They don't seem to want to commit to anything ha ha, they come and go as they please. Perhaps they already have an owner or they're just free spirited:)

    Anyway, I really like your collection. I have some DIY ideas that have to do with cats, or better to say that are inspired by cats...I hope I'll have the chance to make them come true.

    ...and I agree with what you said. When you're taking photos it makes it hard to enjoy the show.

  6. Hey sweety! Thanks for stopping by (: I heartly appreciate! Amazing post! You look lovely as always and I'm so in love with your pretty nice collection! Stop by me soon again!xx

    With love ♥

  7. I think this cardigan looks perfect with the skirt and you did a great job by getting rid of the other buttons