Window-shopping: Kathmandu, Durbar Marg

Durbar Marg is the most prestigious, clean and modern looking street in Kathmandu. Its name literally means "King's Way", I suppose because the palace of the former king of Nepal is situated here and the king himself used to go by this road from time to time. The king doesn't live here any more and the palace has been a museum for some time now.

A few internationally known clothes brands have their boutiques along the street - Benetton, Puma, Giordano, Zara. There are many jewelry shops as well including Gitanjali.

My favourite restaurants - Japanese "Koto", Italian "Little Italy" and Chinese "Chinese room" are all at Durbar Marg. There is also world famous Pizza Hut and KFC here.

Here I wear my ethnic style shirt with black skinnies

Last time I wore this shirt with ethnic Patiala pants for engagement ceremony

The collar of the shirt and the buttons are embellished with glass beads. And the texture of the fabric is pretty interesting and unusual

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Looks like a great place to shop. Love your tunic.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. u look gr8
    durbar marg is an awesome place for hang out :)

  3. Ow that looks like a lovely place to be. I hope one time I will have more time to explore the world a bit.
    And you look so great in that skirt. Love the color.
    xxx have a lovely day. Jolanda.

  4. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, following you too XO


  5. It's so interesting to get an impression of Katmandu, thank you for sharing.
    The coat shown in the first picture, the white with the stand up collar is amazing. And so is your ethnic shirt. The colour is perfect matching to your hair and with the complete outfit, with both pants, you look fabulous.

  6. Lovely outfit. The shirt looks great on you (the color and its slimming silhouette). The most surprising thing to see in Katmandu -- so many motorcycles :) I don't think we have so many here in the states. Have a wonderful weekend too!

  7. i like the most the second outfit with the beige pants! You look so oriental! Love it and btw, i think you should go for the bag you saw and say to yourself "ok, i won't buy anything for a while" so you can recharge your wallet! =D