A day in the botanical garden

In this outfit - white pants and stripy top - I imagine myself somewhere far away in the open sea, on the deck  of my personal yacht leaning to the mast. Alas, no sea nearby and no yacht in my possession. So, instead I am wearing it for a walk in the botanical garden and leaning to the exotic Yucca tree.

The cute rabbit application on the t-shirt is furry and it makes it even more cute. The writing is in French and says "joy". Well, I did get plenty of joy yesterday walking along the paths of the garden. This is a really very nice place where one can enjoy a pleasant walk or organize a picnic.

The Garden covers 200 acres of the natural forest-land with a rushing spring of the Godavari river. There are approximately 500 specimens of flowering and non-flowering plants, including some 66 different species of fern, 115 orchids, 77 cacti and succulents, and about 200 trees and shrubs, some of them endangered or rare.

They say there are 256 varieties of birds and 300 variations of the butterfly living in the Garden. I spotted a few but didn't manage to catch them on my camera.

But I caught someone else: this couple of siblings, the girl is dressed in her weekend's best it seems - the dress is embellished with sequins and sparks so much in the sun.

and another couple of kids playing on the gigantic old stub. The girl seems to be bare-bottomed. Well, perhaps a little wet accident...

So if you are in Kathmandu and want to escape the noise of the city, go straight to Godavari Botanical Garden. Even if you do not find out something new about plants, at least you will have a good rest for your soul.

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  1. So beautiful...I love places like this!

  2. Olga it seems to be an amazing and recreative place where you spent your day. I love to see these for me extraordinary flowers. And I love to see you in your funny striped French bunny top, it's casual but nevertheless stylish.
    The little girl in her Sunday dress is so lovely!

  3. oh your shirt is sooo super cute! and what a beautiful place!!
    wish you a wonderful week!
    love and kiss,mary

  4. What a beautiful place! Great images!
    Your nautical inspired look is perfect amongst the gorgeous setting...even if it's not the ocean. :)

  5. What a lovely Garden - with so much to enjoy. Love your crisp summer look, esp the rabbit! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  6. That garden is gorgeous.

    Super cute applique too. I can see you love them as much as I do.


  7. Loving the white trousers! Such a beautiful botanical garden! xo

  8. I love escaping the heat and madness of Indian cities by exploring their botanical gardens and parks and it looks like Nepal's very similar! Love your stripes and had to laugh at that little girl's bare bum! x

  9. At first I wondered if you were in the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena...but Katmandu! You look so cute as you wander the incredible gardens! Nice share!

  10. What a treat your posts are! And how pretty you look, fitting right in with the beautiful blooms. So cute a shirt! Thank you for the little mini-vacation, Olga!

  11. Lovely atmosphere. It looks so vibrant and soothing. Adore your bunny top, I want one just like it!