African safari skirt

One day I would like to go on an African safari, to see all those giraffes, zebras, lions, cheetahs and  gorillas in the wild. I've been to many Asian countries but not yet in any African except Egypt. So, to go somewhere to Kenya or Tanzania is on my wish list. No harm in making wish lists :)
And until then I am content with 1) wearing my "African safari" skirt that I bought in one of the local designer's boutiques.

2) visiting Singapore Zoo every time I travel to Singapore. This is one of the best zoos in the world and honestly, the best I've been to so far. If you ever find yourself in Singapore don't miss to visit their zoo. Animals are displayed in naturalistic areas with hidden barriers, so while walking along the numerous paths of the zoo one can feel oneself on a real safari. Here are a few photos of African animals that I took there.

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  1. I love the skirt! So cute! I remember going to Singapore zoo and bird park as a kid.

  2. It's a very unique skirt! Love the pattern. I've never seen anything like it before. You look great in it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Oh, how wonderful is this skirt and how you paired it with the checkered blouse. It's a very unique outfit. You look so marvellous! I also love your hairdo.

  4. So pretty; you've styled it perfectly.
    Gorgeous photos of the zebras!

  5. Loving your pictures. The skirt is so pretty. Stopping by from the link up. I"m hosting a Stella & Dot giveaway and a link up this Thursday April 25. Would love it if you stopped by and said hi.