Butterflies and dragonflies summer dress

This dress I bought for really hot summer days. Though its upper part is rather fit, below the waist it is wide and loose and that's exactly what I like during hot days. The print is also very summery: flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and some other unfamiliar to me bugs. It is cotton of course and the upper part is embellished with a few sequins here and there.

I am very much curly-haired here. Originally my hair is straight but I like it more wavy or curly. It is interesting, my friend has exactly the hair type that I love but she hates it. She would like to have just like mine - straight. It happens with people: they don't like what they've got and envy something they see on others.

I accepted my "fate" long ago and all I have to do is just to make some effort to look the way I want.

My feet are almost bare because when it is 35C outside you really don't want to put something on them. As in any case you can't walk barefoot along the streets of the town this type of sandals is the best choice.

Sharing this look with Patti's Visible Monday

And here are a few photos of real dragonflies that I took in my yard. I've never seen before such a variety of colours in dragonflies. Beautiful creatures!

Have a nice day!


  1. Love the dress!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Oh my God,such a stunning dress! You look amazing! xx


  3. Olga....very pretty dress.
    You hair looks very pretty....I can relate to your hair frustration, but mine is the opposite.
    I had extreme curls when I was young and hated them. They were so hard to style and they would frizz easily if the climate was humid. I have three children and with the birth of each of them, my curls became less curly. Just as I was learning how to manage them and enjoy them....they were becoming straighter!
    After the birth of my youngest chile 8 years ago..my hair has a very slight wave. Its not curly, its not straight. It doesn't hold a curl for long when I try to give it more curl. Sigh.

  4. You look very pretty :-) And the color of your hair is so nice!

  5. I like your dresse; you look very pretty!

  6. what a beautiful dress and gosh those shoes are too adorable!

  7. You look so so pretty in this dress and your curly hair!
    The dragon photos are amazing!

  8. What a stunning dress on you! Pattern and cut is lovely. The shoes just top off the delight for the eyes!

    blue hue wonderland

  9. Olga, you look marvellous in this dress! I love the colorful pattern and the easy style. Good that we can decide how to wear our hair. The curls look great on you. I had both, curls when I was young and I hate them. Flat hair when I was older and I wished back my curls.
    I wish I could were my flip flops, yours are cute!

  10. What a beautiful dress! I love the print and those gorgeous heels, you look stunning Olga! A perfect spring/summer look.

  11. Gorgeous dress, Olga, and I love your curls. Thanks for linking up your great look with Visible Monday!

  12. Fabulous dress! Love the print a lot! I remember running around after these dragonflies in my grandma's backyard when I was little.. I remember them being huge!


  13. This dress is so playful and fun, you look amazing!!!! I remember trying to catch dragonflies when I was a child-these photos are great!!! And thank you dear for sharing your previous look via Monday Bloom link up!!!

  14. Wow what a pretty dress....summery and goes well with ur red hair!

    Btw do check out my new post

  15. I like the print and the style of the dress. You look amazing in it -- so summery!

  16. Great pics of the dragonflies and those shoes are darling!

  17. Dragonflies are my favorite...and your dress (and sandals) are killer cool! Your look is so inspiring - I want to go out an find an awesome insect dress, too!

  18. such a cute dress and the wedges are amazing!
    Maybe we follow each other!?
    Let me know :)



  19. You look like a princess in that gorgeous dress! Love your shoes too:-) Welcome to my blog and let's follow each other.

  20. Gorgeous dress and shoes!!!
    Becky :)

  21. How beautiful ... I love a stylized print like this, and it looks so pretty on. Great summer dress for you.
    Thank you for the wonderful photos of the dragonflies! We only have the black ones with the wings that look like old fashioned bi-planes. They're iridescent if you catch them in the light, though, but not as brilliant in color as yours. They're one of my favorite bugs!