My recent purchase: looks like skirt but trousers actually. I like this type of pants and glad they are in again. Some models can make you look bulky in the bottom but this one fits perfectly thanks to the light flowing fabric and to the folds.

The T-shirt was bought in Bangladesh a few years ago as a "souvenir". The writing on it says "60s revival". I've not worn it much because it turned out it didn't fit good with anything I had. Now it seems its time has come, I like how it looks with these pants.
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And some beauty for you: blooming roses in my yard

Have a nice weekend!


  1. your pants are sooo cool! they look very comfy and the effect is just to cool!

  2. Wow, this style is back? Great! I love the pants. You look lovely and elegant in this outfit. It's perfect for a summer day. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I love your pants! They look like a skirt, but it isn't :)
    Hugs, Sarah

  4. I love the skirt trousers and the top. The graphics on the top are super cute. I bet those pants are extra comfy.


  5. I got a skirt/trousers just like yours a few years ago at a thrift shop. I thought I would cut them up, make a scarf, something...but I never did. Now I am glad I didn't, think I need to try them on and see if they'll work for me as is, thanks for the inspiration!!
    Oh and your roses are gorgeous!