Colours of the engagement party

On Wednesday we were invited again to an engagement party. The time of the event's start was at 4 pm and it confused me what to wear: still hot, still sunny. I didn't want to be over-dressed and at the same time to be under-dressed would mean to show disrespect. Finally I chose a black skirt of Western design to pair with an embroidered Indian blouse choli that is a part of another set. Added metallic sandals and a few pieces of  simple jewelry and that's it. I think the outfit had just the right balance between "too much" and "not enough".

The party was held at the garden of a hotel. Very nice place with many flowers, a small pond and a few Hindu sculptures.

The good thing about having the party started that early was that taking photos in such conditions is much easier. The women as usually here wore bright colourful saris mostly or dress-pants sets. A few were in Western styled dresses.

I like sari so much and I like to wear it, it looks great on me. But the problem is that to drape sari in a really beautiful way one needs good skills or at least much practice (or maybe one has to be born with it?) which I don't have. I can drape the lower part in more or less nice way (though it takes me ages) but the upper part always comes in a mess. So to wear a sari I need to invite some helper and that is not always possible. So, it is easier for me to wear something else.

Women look so graceful and elegant in saris, aren't they?

A young lady in red...Looks pretty in Western style clothes

Women here like to decorate their hair in interesting ways

I liked the bride's-to-be outfit - choli-lehenga (blouse-skirt) set in red and golden. She looked so beautiful and excited and happy.

Some girls performed a few dances for the couple. It was not a professional performance but very sincere and very emotional.

Those were the colours of this party that I enjoyed very much.
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  1. Wow, what a colorful event and very lavish too. Yes, I agree that saris are so lovely and can be very sexy without trying hard. Some modern designs are really cool too. You look elegant and definitely not under dressed in your black outfit.. love the skirt, really pretty :)


  2. Olga, how interesting joining you in the party. So many styles to look at so many gorgeous woman in beautiful dresses and you one of them. Your dress is marvellous and perfect for the event. We in Europe don't want to overrange the bride, or in this case the bride to be, with our outfit. I think that's a good tradition. The engaged couple is so handsome, the bridge to be so beautiful. She should be the queen of the day and she is.

  3. wow i always love your posts about that traditional fashions, it is so exciting to see and those vibrant colors and all the pomp . and you look so beautiful in that black and gold dress!
    hope you are having a great week!
    love and kiss,mary